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Infinitas (SWI), Frijgard (SWI)
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 28.09.2019
Autumn arrived in Switzerland and marks the farewell from summer. It gets cooler outside and dark earlier. With a little melancholy you can look back on the beautiful, warm summer days. However concerts take place in small clubs again. After a longer break a metal concert took place at the Rockfact Music Club. The Swiss bands Infinitas and Frijgard got the chance to perform live. You shouldn’t miss a concert nearby. I arrived around 7:50 PM at the venue and after waiting 10 minutes, I entered the club. Soon I met friends and was looking forward to seeing them again. With small talk we spent our time waiting for the first band.
Frijgard entered the stage on 9:15 PM. This group from the Fricktal in the canton of Aargau played with Forge at the Rockfact Music Club last time (livereport and left a good impression on me and other spectators. „Blazing Ark“ opened their set. A mixture of Heavy, Pagan, Black and Death Metal was served, which was well received by the audience. Because the normal drummer couldn't play because of injury, Thomas Gisler (Headless Project) sat behind the drums tonight. Within two weeks he learned the complete set by heart. For this achievement he got a lot of applause. The members changed sides during the show to present themselves to the audience. The guitarists Michael and Alex duelled with the guitars, singer and bassist Sandro showed a good performance behind the mic. The last song followed with the wrecking ball "Aftermath" and the band said goodbye to the audience. It was great seeing them live again. Setlist Frijgard Blazing Ark Falling Stars Blurry Horizon Nebelwacht Bellum Aeternum Est Aftermath After a short break for rebuilding, headliner Infinitas entered the stage. This year they were allowed to perform at the Metal Days in Tolmin, Slovenia and celebrated with their album "Civitas Interitus" a success as "Heroes of Tomorrow" in the German Metal Hammer issue of May 2018. „Morrigan“ sounded first and the Schwyzer stepped on it. Their Melodic Thrash Metal unfolded its effect and inspired the audience. The sound was enriched with violin sounds by Savannah Childers and got a folky note. Front woman Andrea Böll switched between growls and clear vocals and showed different facets of her voice. Besides the great vocal performance I liked her stage outfit and how she interacted with the audience. You felt included in the performance and that increased the mood. Guitarist Selv Martone showed his skills as guitarist and bassist Marcel Koller added the groove. Behind him convinced drummer Piri Betschart with perseverance and skills. Unfortunately their gig ended with "A New Hope", but they made a fantastic impression at their gig in Münchenstein. They were adopted with a lot of applause. They deserved it. After the concert their merchandise corner received a lot of fans. Setlist Infinitas Morrigan Samael Oni Indra Rudra Labartu Avnas Skylla Alastor A New Hope Many thanks to the Rockfact Music Club for organizing this concert. I would also like to thank the two bands Infinitas  and Frijgard for their performances. Another thanks goes to sound mixer Andy Brehm. He had provided a great sound and contributed with his commitment to a successful evening. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha