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Forge (SWI), Frijgard (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 09.02.2019
Concerts with bands from the black/death metal sector don’t take place very often. It’s therefore a pleasure for the fans of these styles when such an event will be hosting in a club. Forge are on tour with their album „Heimdall“ and stopped at Rockfact Music Club. Frijgard performed as second band. A diversified line-up which I didn’t miss. Forge launched the show. The members from cantons of Bern & Fribourg opened their appearance with „The Death Of A Warrior“. The musical direction is symphonic metal with death, black and pagan influences.
The sound gets a special touch by a violin played by Skjöldur. This created a dark atmosphere which put a spell on the fans. A special instrumental set got played by sickness accident of singer Ragnar. The spectators liked the performance. Guitarist Hödur and bassist Shadow put themselves in the limelight with heavy riffs and stage presence. The appearance ended after 40 minutes with „Destroyed + Damaged“. Despite the missing vocals, the music made a good impression to the audience and I hope Ragnar recovers soon to appear with the other band members again. The slogan „Symphonies from the Dark“ fits perfect. Setlist Forge The Death Of A Warrior Tyr The Wargod Sons Of Odin Tanz Der Walküre Heimdall Nordic Kings A Dark Prophecy Destroyed + Damaged Frijgard entered the stage after a short interruption. At the moment they work on new songs for their third album, which to be released this year. „Nebelwacht“ sounded as first song. Besides old songs, new songs were introduced with „Blurry Horizon“, „Blazing Ark“. The guitarists Michael and Alex fighted duels with guitars while singer Sandro kicked ass behind the mic. Encores „Dem Tod geweiht“ and another new song „Aftermath“ followed after encore shouts from the audience. Afterward said goodbye to cheering spectators. They made a good impression with their mix of heavy, black and death metal. Setlist Frijgard Nebelwacht Perlenhafen Bellum Aeternum Est Blurry Horizon Niemandsland Blazing Ark Dem Tod geweiht Aftermath Conclusion: A great evening with much dark music ended. Some fans stayed to drink beer and talk to the bands. They went home satisfied when Rockfact Music Club closed its doors. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha