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Tubekillers - 10000AC
Label: - Release: 2019 Style: Alternative Rock Tracklist 1. 10000AC, 2. Blastica, 3. Electronic Disaster, 4. Citizens High, 5. Antilopics, 6. Black Ocean, 7. Fireking, 8. Nine To Go, 9. Flying Under Water, 10. Le Batteur, 11. The Truth In May 2019 the Swiss Alternative Rock Band Tubekillers from Laufental, Canton Baselland released their fifth album "10000AC". This record was produced in the Basement Studio. A video was shot for the opening song, which also carries the album title. The song convinces with catchy guitar tunes and is a good mood song for me.
Singer Shiro's voice comes to the fore and reveals melancholic sounds in between. "Blastica" is as good as "10000AC". The musical arrangements show a positive side, which is not always the case in this genre. "Electronic Disaster" reminds at the beginning a bit of "10000AC" but later shows its own direction. Generally the songs are equipped with positive sounds which is a great soundtrack for the summer on the beach. Beside nice weather they bring good vibes and provide a feeling of satisfaction. A cocktail, the music of Tubekillers in your ear and the perfect sound experience will sweeten the ambience. My absolute highlight is "Flying Under Water". Here you can feel the influence of the American Space Rock legend Monster Magnet. Shiro's voice shows slight vocal nuances of singer Dave Wyndorf and through the psychedelic passages you feel like you are in another place. Find it very courageous to do something like this and to show another facet of yourself. As last song follows "The Truth" to which another video was shot. Sounds different than the previous songs. It shows Dance Music influences and from my point of view has the potential to become a hit, because the melodies tap the feet and the legs dance. What I don't like about this album is that many songs sound the same. I would wish for more variety, otherwise there would be the danger of boredom. Who likes Alternative Rock with catchy songs and a mixture of Brit Pop and Foo Fighters should listen to this album. Score: 7/12 Review by Dominic Latscha