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Thola (SWI), Emerald (SWI), Gods of Silence (SWI), Osukaru (SWE)
Redrocks, Basel,  Switzerland – 12.01.2019
Since last weekend, the club Redrocks has been reopened in Basel.
It was closed for financial reasons but by crowdfunding and a benefit concert it belongs to the past. A Melodic Metal Night was announced this weekend with an interesting, varied program, you should simply go. Another reason were the exclusive appearances of Osukaru from Sweden with an accoustic set on Friday and with electric guitars on Saturday. Furthermore they were on the „House of Mirrors“ to promote their album and stopped in the city on the Rhine bend. The Swedish melodic rock band Osukaru had the honor to open the evening. „You’ve Been Waiting“ sounded after the intro „Past The Present“. After a few songs the band draw the audience on it’s side, on one hand the music was melodic on the other heavy and enriched with sweet melodies. This sound mix inevitabley reminded me of the golden 80’s of when American movies and television films caused unforgettable memories with such songs. Moreover singer Frederik Werner showed a great vocal performance by optimal sound experience. His bandmates Oz and Olof supported him with background vocals and put up guitar duels and changed positions on stage. In addition he brought a portion of sex appeal to the show, because he impressed the female spectators with a view on his well-toned abdominal muscles. „City Lights“ was dedicated to the city of Basel as tribute. They scored with a high plus point at me with the song „MacGyver It“. The title was simply great and a reference in my opinion to the hand craft talent of popular character MacGyver back in the days (portrayed by Canadian actor Richard Dean Anderson) who was therefore always able to break free from difficult situations. The Swedes had to play encores, because their appearance caused such enthusiasm. That’s why two encores followed with „Highway To The Stars“ and „Driven By Love“ to end this amazing live performance. The band members obtained much applause for their appearance. Setlist Osukaru Past The Present (Intro) You’ve Been Waiting The Stories We Tell Ritual City Lights X Marks The Spot Voodoo (Who Do?) MacGyver It Change Of Heart Tear It Down Exit (Intro) Highway To The Stars Driven By Love Gods of Silence entered the stage as second band. „Army of Liars“ sounded after an intro. Whenever I’ve seen them live created a good atmosphere. They have got their public firmly in grasp after a short period of time. Thank to its optimal sound the songs came into one’s own. My favorite song „Demons“ was a kick ass track besides „Wonderful Years“, „Neverland“ or „Masquerade“. Singer Gilby Meléndez did a singing accomplishment, guitarrist Sammy Lasagni proved his skills as guitarrist and bassist Daniel Pfister convinced on the bass. The audience celebrated the band. Everything is just perfect here. An encore followed with „Fight or Die“ after „Phoenix“ which rounded off the intense live performance. For this earned much applause. There were people on stage who know how to entertain an audience. I can’t remember I’ve experienced once Gods of Silence in bad shape. Setlist Gods of Silence Army of Liars You Mean Nothing More Full Moon Against The Wall Neverland Wonderful Years Masquerade Demons All My Life Alone Phoenix Fight or Die The time came for Emerald after a short break. The heavy metal band from Fribourg with singer Mace Mitchell opened their appearance with „Only The Reaper Wins“. I was very much looking forward to this band since I’ve never seen it live. A cheerful Mace interacts with the audience, the guitarists Julien Menth and Michel Vaucher dueled with solos and riffs against each other. With the Robert Tepper Classic „No Easy Way Out“ to the film „Rocky 4“, the good mood reached its apex. How it got performed was simply marvellous. It’s almost impossible to stand still with such music. Catchy Melodies cause movement in the audience, which reacts with enthusiasm. The appearance should’ve ended after „Horns Up“, but the spectators loudly asked for encores. For this reason the band members returned on stage and played „Reckoning Day“ and the Iron Maiden classic „Wasted Years“. Poltergeist bandleader André Grieder entered the stage to perform with Mace Mitchell. Then their performance ended and singer Mace Mitchell, the guitarists Julien Menth and Michael Vaucher, Bassistin Vania Truttmann, Poltergeist singer André Grieder and drummer Al Spycher bowed down in front of the audience. Setlist Emerald Only The Reaper Wins Hard To Be True Revenge Face Of Evil Where’s Your God No Easy Way Out Through The Storm Harleking Tears Of A Warrior Horns Up Reckoning Day Wasted Years Later on, headliner Thola from canton of Valais performed as headliner. „Wolfburn“ opens the setlist. It’s difficult to define the style. It has thrash metal and power metal influences as well as modern elements, which gives its own note. Singer Fredy Salzmann reminded me vocally of the nu metal in the beginning of the year 2000 and Steve „Zetro“ Souza during the hard parts. The comparison with Exodus due the fact that guitarists Rodo Studer and Patrick Ambord fighted a duel with sharp guitar riffs and caused ovations in the audience. Despite the fact it was early morning you didn’t notice tiredness with the spectators. On the contrary, were awake more than ever and wanted continue partying. They were at the right place. Continued with high speed and a new song got played with „Vertical Sky“. It was a great song and the song „XVII“, the lucky number of guitarist Rodo Studer should’ve been followed as last song. But the spectators were still hyper and asked for encores. For this reason the encores „Fuego Negro“ about burning of witches and „Approach Your Heart“ followed. Afterward the valaisans said goodbye to the audience and obtained much applause for their appearance. Setlist Thola Wolfsburn Imprisonment 7 Ga7es Under My Skin Dark Garden Ride Your System Squaring The Circle Vertical Sky Babawanga XVII Fuego Negro Approach Your Heart A fabolous evening came to an end and you made the journey back home. Thanks Redrocks for the nice melodic metal night. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha