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Snakeskin Boozeband - Snakeskin Boozeband
Label: Non Stop Music Records Release: 2016 Style: Booze Rock Tracklist 1. Bar Romance, 2. Stop And Stay, 3. Midnight Gambler, 4. The Keeper, 5. J.A.M., 6. Stand Up, 7. Stick To The Facts, 8. Shot Down, 9. Fake Personalities, 10. Two Track Road Snakeskin Boozeband is a Swiss power rock band from Laufental District, canton of Basel-Country. The trio about singer/guitarist Lukas Franz, bassist Vincent Perry and drummer Pascal Kohler had been founded „The Restless“ in 2009 and renamed as Snakeskin
Boozeband in 2015. After the release of their demo „Rock’n’Roll Mad“ in 2011 followed the self-titled debut in 2016. Recorded at Tonstudio Vipal and mixed and mastered by V.O. Pulver at Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden, canton of Basel-Country. The ten songs were inspired by night life. They call their style „booze-rock“ and is a powerful mix of hard rock, rock’n’roll and heavy metal. This explosive brew can cause various states of intoxication and after-effects such as euphoria, headache and neck pain. Let’s start this party and talk about this work: "Bar Romance" opens the album. With a great guitar intro and catchy rhythm they immediately cast a spell over the listener. The lyrics are about an encounter with a woman in a bar, which turns into a nightmare. A guitar solo by Lukas Franz follows from 2:10. The tempo changes from 4:42 and the song becomes an uptempo track. "Stop and Stay" kicks ass right from the start. It‘s impossible to remain seated, because the rhythm carries the listener away. "Stop and Stay - come out and play" is a cool request, which you should follow if you‘re looking for Rock'n'Roll. From 4:30 a guitar solo by Lukas Franz takes place. "Midnight Gambler" has for me an influence of the Spanish rock band '77 from Barcelona and comes along fluffy. On the way in the night and the goal in the far distance. No matter, because the dirty Rock'n'Roll sound helps to find the destination. The chorus "I'm a midnight gambler" goes down like honey. "The Keeper" starts off groovy and gives full throttle. Even Miami Vice Cops Sonny Crockett and Ricardio Tubbs would rock out to it while chasing criminals in Miami. A real kick ass song like Airbourne from Australia couldn't have done it better. Once again singer/guitarist Lukas Franz proves his dexterity. "J.A.M" turns out calmer and reduces the speed. The guitar riffs here remind of K.K. Downing by Judas Priest, which gives the sound a metallic touch. Here the guitar, bass and drums are clearly in the center of attention. No vocals during the whole song. With "Stand Up" the return to rock'n'roll follows. The stomping rhythm in the style of AC/DC or Krokus cause movement in the body. "Stand up getting ready" is a clear announcement to the listeners and the live audience to stand up and rock with the power rock trio. Remain seated or standing around like a fir tree in the forest isn‘t cool! "Stick to the Facts" starts for me like a W.A.S.P. song from the 80s at "Last Command" times and underlines once more the metallic side of the band. "Don't cross that line, stick to the facts" a line which can be understood as not questioning what you read in the newspaper or on the internet and if these facts are correct. "Shot Down" is more in the direction of hard rock. From 3:11 you can hear ZZ Top influences. To divide this song in this way shows of skill and creativity. "Fake Personalities" gets really fast. As if private detective Magnum would test his red Ferrari on a race track in Daytona Beach, Florida for its engine performance and go full throttle into the curves. The song is about fake personalities that you find everywhere. From 1:20 on bassist Vincent Perry gets the chance to shine with his bass playing before the guitar solos return. "Two Track Road" closes the album. Once again a convincing rocking moment follows before the music falls silent. In my opinion this album by the Power Rock Trio from Laufental is one of the strongest debut albums of a band from the canton Basel-Country. The way these three young men present it here is as if they had absorbed rock'n'roll with their mother's milk and never did anything else! That was amazing! If you‘re looking for an interesting musical cocktail of AC/DC, Judas Priest, Krokus, ZZ Top you should get this album, listen to it and attend concerts of this band. 12/12 Review by Dominic Latscha