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Sickret - Pointless Appendix
Label: - Release: 2013 Style: Nu Metal / Crossover Tracklist 1. Closed minds ,2. Frozzen, 3. She isn’t coming, 4. Never spit on the back, 5. Art of words, 6. Emotionbreak, 7. Bastard, 8. Stupidness, 9. You want it, 10. Barbecue When I was a teenager I came to Nu Metal through American bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Deftones, Disturbed, Crazy Town, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Drowning Pool, Mushroom Head, Nonpoint, Ill Niño, Coal Chamber, Flaw, Primer 55, Reveille, Mudvayne etc. It was a sound that was
created by mixing rock and metal with other styles. Like every music style in its boom phase, this state of affairs decreased and disappeared from the scene. Since then I listened to the old groups of my teenage years and by chance I came across a band that brought this 90s music back into the new millennium. The Swiss Nu Metal band Sickret was founded in 2010. The quartet from the city of Sursee, canton of Lucerne is dedicated to Nu Metal and creates something that people like me missed. By winning the KUFA Hardcore Cup, Sickret could share the stages with famous groups like Sick Of It All, Pro Pain, Skindred, Breakdown Of Sanity, Jinjer, Dog Eat Dog, Crazy Town, Clawfinger, Jonathan Davis (Korn) etc. In 2013 they released their debut "Pointless Appendix". The album was recorded and mixed at SOS Basement Studio with Sebastien Schiess in Oberentfelden, canton of Aargau. Dan Suter from Echochamber was responsible for the mastering. On "Pointless Appendix" the guys from Sursee bring back the 90s Nu Metal with Hardcore and Rap elements and prove that this style is still alive and not dead. A mixture of Korn, Limp Bizkit and Deftones follows. The album ensures a good time with a lot of variety and is a possibility to escape the current Corona pandemic and to travel mentally into a time when you could enjoy life without problems and lockdowns and social distance weren‘t an issue yet. The guitar riffs of guitarist Sandro Büchler are immediately catching your ear while frontman Timmy Michels changes with his vocals between clear vocals and screaming. Bassist Chris Niederberger adds the groove so that the sound unleashes enthusiasm in the listener and lets him go only after the last song "Barbecue". I really like the performance, because they remind me of a Swiss version of Deftones. This is also reflected in the vocals of singer Tommy Michels, whose screaming reminds of Deftones singer Chino Moreno and in clear vocal passages of Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd. In 2015 Sickret toured Cuba and Eastern Europe. Her second album "Hypocritical" followed one year later. Meanwhile they can present 170 shows in eight countries. 10/12 Review by Dominic Latscha