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Motorbreath (SWI), Shezoo (SWI)
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 12.11.2016
It became loud again at Rockfact Music Club. The Metallica cover band Motorbreath visited the halls. A must date for every true metalfan. Shezoo  performed as support act. Shezoo entered the stage on 9:05 PM and „Life“ opened the set. The music reminded a little bit of 80’s metal like Warlock. The spectators were awake very soon and a good mood occured. Singer Natacha kicked ass on stage with great vocal performance. She convinced with her performance and left the stage to get in touch with the spectators. Guitar player Micha convinced with amazing guitar solos and had guitar duels with bass player Ralf. „Lost and Dissipated“ should’ve been the last song
Two encores Realize“ and „Rock me“ got played by the positive spectator’s feeback. After that Shezoo said goodbye to the spectators. They obtained much applause for their great performance. Unfortunately no further concerts are planed, because the band is working on new songs. Setlist Shezoo Life Change Save Us Live and Let Live Too Late Winner Beautiful Town Beer and Whiskey Hero Lost and Dissipated Realize Rock me Now the stage was prepared for headliner Motorbreath. What impressed me the most was the drums kit of singer/drummer Andy Lickford. The waiting crowd were redeemed at 10:55 PM. The long awaited headliner entered the stage. You started kicking ass with „Creeping Death“ and the spectators kept up with. It didn’t last long until the party mood spreaded. It was caused by the members Mauro de March, Dave Roos and René Meyer but the simple Metallica songs, which bring fun. As if that wasn’t enough suddenly the band line-up changed and two Judas Priest songs „Battering Ram“ and „Hell Bent For Leather“ followed. What a surprise! Nobody saw that coming! Accordingly bass player Omar Cuna, drummer Roberto Antonucci and guitar player Peter Berger of Cutest Beast obtained much applaus. After that it continued with Metallica. Guitar player René Meyer celebrated guitar solos and was amused about the enthusiastic audience reaction. Singer Andy Lickford was vocally close to James Hetfield and if you had been closed your eyes it was like attending a Metallica concert in the 80’s. Motorbreath wanted leave after „Battery“. But the spectators didn’t accept it. The performance was amazing and you weren’t satisfied yet. For this reason the encores „Enter Sandman“ and „The Four Horsemen“. Then Motorbreath left the stage by vociferous applause. A band which kicks ass live that way and leaves a ringing in the ear makes everything right. Who didn’t want go home could stay at Rockfact and drink something with the musicians or buy merchandise from support act Shezoo. On request, the CD’s were signed by singer Natacha. Setlist Motorbreath Creeping Death Motorbreath Blackened Don’t tread on me Metal Militia Sad But True For Whom The Bell Tolls Master Of Puppets Enter Sandman The Four Horsemen An evening with a lot of action, sweat and party came to an end. That’s the way an event got to be! Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21