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Infinitas (SWI), Ascéal (SWI)
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 02.10.2021
I saw the Swiss Metal band Infinitas from Canton of Schwyz one time at Rockfact Music Club and had a lot of fun. After Andrea Böll left the band, they started looking for a new voice behind the microphone and found her in Mary Crane. The "Welcome Mary" tour was launched to celebrate it properly and the five-piece made a stop at the Rockfact Music Club in Münchenstein. There was no doubt that I didn't want to miss the show and listen to the voice of the new singer. Chez Lim would have been scheduled as support, which had to cancel their appearance due to illness. . The folk metal band Ascéal was added to the program and received the happy news on 1 am.  After the doors of Rockfact Music Club opened at 7 pm, the evening was inaugurated musically half an hour later. I hadn‘t heard and seen anything from Ascéal so far and therefore it was a mixture of joy and curiosity to experience their music. The band members from Winter-
thur entered the stage at 8:15 pm and started their performance with the song "Wild Hunt". The music of the folk metalists sounded great in the club and a wonderful sound carpet of melodies and harmonies was woven with the flute playing of Imre and keyboardist Nathan, which created a good mood and met with a positive response from the audience. This was reflected in the applause and behavior of the audience, who joined in the concert. After "Wildfire", "Whiskey" sounded, an ode to the legendary spirit that gets a lot of love from drummer Jonas. I liked it because it's a different kind of love song than you usually hear. "Save Water Drink Whiskey" in the verse. A cover version was announced after the songs "Valkyrie" and "The Chosen". This was followed by "Havoc" from the Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie in their own version, which was well received. After "Two Wolves", a new alcoholic beverage was given a declaration of love. This time the Russian alcohol called "Vodka" was appreciated with proper speed and a much party atmosphere. You had to move to this song, because of the rhythm be it headbanging, raising the devil's horn in the air and shouting the word "vodka" along with singer Melissa. She showed a good vocal performance alternating from clear vocals to deep wicked growls. Bassist Jasper supported her in singing and guitarist Simon showed a great performance with his finger playing. After that Melissa announced the last song with "Farewell" and thanked the organizers for the chance to present themselves live this evening. It was a pleasure to see this band live and left a good impression. I will keep an eye on it and will visit a concert of them again. Setlist Ascéal Wild Hunt Wildfire Drink Whiskey Valkyrie The Chosen Havoc Two Wolves Vodka Farewell A short interruption occured and the stage was prepared for headliner Infinitas. They scored with the stage decoration, because in contrast to the last time at Rockfact the ambience had been pimped up properly and could be seen. " Don't spill the beans, just get on with it" as they say in German-speaking countries. At 9:45 p.m. the lights went down at Rockfact Music Club and the stage was covered in blue light. The band with guitarist Selv Martone, violist Savannah Childers and drummer Pirmin Betschart were on stage. An oriental intro sounded and singer Mary Crane in a cool outfit presented a kind of belly dance which felt very sensual and created anticipation for their live spectacle. "Morrigan" ushered in their performance and the audience got to enjoy a load of melodic metal. Singer Mary showed a good performance with clear vocal parts but also deep nasty growls, which reminded of Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz. It sounded great and looked extremely cool with Mary's facial expressions. Guitarist Selv Martone provided the hardness with his riffs and, like singer Mary, changed stage sides to present himself from different sides and shine with solos in the spotlight. Another plus were the stage outfits and makeup, which fit perfectly. Even breakdowns of Selv with violin sounds of Savannah were played. I personally know this only from this metal band. Mary fired up the audience with "Hey" shouts and fist pumps to join in and go crazy. The "Hey" shouts were returned and people joined in. A serious song followed with „Tiamat“. It was about our world and it‘s not exactly in a good state due to mankind and how it would feel if the world could speak to us and tell us its emotional state. This was followed by "Rahu" a quieter number in ballad style where Savannah Childers could show her skills. "Avnas" with the content about having fire in your heart and dedicating yourself to something you love should‘ve been the end. After the song, the band left the stage. The audience disagreed and loudly chanted "encore". The persistence paid off and the band members returned to the stage. The first encore was "The Seeker Of Truth" and Mary asked the audience if they wanted to hear another encore. The question was answered with a loud "Yes" and the song "Samael" got played once more. After that an outro sounded and the band members said goodbye to the enthusiastic audience and received a lot of applause. They had earned it honestly. An amazing performance by the Schwyz metal band from the beautiful Muotathal. The audio-visual spectacle with a lot of action took 80 minutes. The second concert with singer Mary Crane was crowned by much success. Setlist Infinitas Morrigan Samael Alastor Afanc Skylla Rudra Tiamat Rahu Vadatajas Avnas The Seeker Of Truth After the concert Infinitas took time to provide the audience with merchandise. Moreover they were very friendly to the fans and allowed common photos with band members. In my opinion this was a great gesture from them and showed true appreciation. Conclusion: It was definitely worth going to Rockfact Music Club and enjoying a round of folk metal and melodic metal. Both bands showed first class performances and a high level of professionalism. Thanks to engineer Andy Brem for the sound and to Patrick Stähelin for the light. Livereport by Dominic Latscha