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Gods Of Silence - Neverland
Label: Rock Of Angels Records Release: 2017 Style: Melodic Metal Tracklist 1. Gods Of Silence (Intro), 2. Army Of Liars, 3. Against The Wall, 4. Neverland, 5. Full Moon, 6. The Phoenix, 7. Demons, 8. Wondeful Years, 9. Alone, 10. You Mean Nothing More To Me, 11. All My Life
The Swiss band Gods Of Silence was founded in the 90‘s, at that time still under the name Kirk. In 2003 their first album "The Final Dance" was released. Good reviews (among others even in Japan in the internationally renowned Kerrang magazine) helped the band to present themselves as support of acts like "Doro", "Pink Cream 69", "Axxis" and "Shakra". In 2004 drummer Vito Cecere left the band for health reasons. As a result, it was decided to take a break. In 2009 the band got together again and in Philipp Eichenberger they found a new drummer. In the new line-up, the album "Masquerade" was released worldwide in 2013 by the renowned metal label "Mausoleum Records", which was also produced by Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69). In 2014 followed a tour through Italy, Switzerland and Germany with the Swedish hard rock band "The Poodles" and the Swiss melodic hard rock band "Crystal Ball". In 2016, singer Thomas Rauch left the band. However, with Gilbi Meléndez they found a new singer shortly after. With the change at the microphone, the band had renamed itself to Gods Of Silence. The album "Neverland" was recorded again with producer Dennis Ward and released worldwide on September 9, 2017 by the Greek record company Rock of Angels Records. On "Neverland" the listener gets served melodic metal. After an orchestral intro, "Army Of Liars" gives a first impression. And it‘s phenomenal. The great riffs of guitarist Sammy Lasagni (ex-Godiva) and singer Gilbi Meléndez (Maxxwell) with his vocal performance cause enthusiasm. "Against The Wall" convinces with a progressive touch and with its catchy rhythm. Definitely has the potential to become a hit. "Neverland" turns out less hard than the previous songs with its keyboard-heavy sound, but convinces with power metal influences that remind me a bit of Finnish bands like Stratovarious and Sonata Arctica. This becomes clear when the keyboards kick in and Gilbi Meléndez's voice gets more space. The guitar work of Sammy Lasagni in collaboration with keyboardist Bruno Berger thrills the listener including tempo changes. "Full Moon" begins somber and orchestral sound before the guitars kick in.  Here the guitars of Sammy Lasagni dominate, who presents his skills as a guitarist with great guitar riffs and solos and inspires throughout. With "The Phoenix" follows another song that has the potential to become a hit.  The lyrics alone are captivating with its chorus "Give me your head, give me your heart, you have lost your soul anyway, no one's here to save you, ashes to ashes and bones to the bones, those who survive will be buried alive". After that follows my favorite song "Demons" to which a music video was shot. Beside the great guitar sound and the voice of Gilbi I like the chorus "The demons came across the water, bringing sorrow and pain, the demons came across the water with a smile on their face". This reminded me of a prophecy of Nostradamus, who had announced such an event. The desperate struggle to defend oneself against hostile invaders who look forward bringing death and destruction. "Wonderful Years" with its light pop influence turns out more cheerful and less harsh. This isn’t a disadvantage, but shows another facet of this band of experienced musicians. Here the voice of Gilbi is in the front together with the keyboard playing of Bruno Berger, which present a harmonious interaction. "Alone" goes like "Wonderful Years" in the similar direction and convinces with harmony, guitars and melodic keyboard sound. "You Mean Nothing More To Me" makes the statement that the relationship with someone is over and that person has no meaning anymore. "All My Life" closes the album as the last song. The heaviness returns and the guitar riffs sound stronger than in the previous two songs. I like this very much, because once again you can listen to the great guitar riffs of Sammy Lasagni and enjoy the voice of Gilbi Meléndez when he sings the chorus "All my life where have you been I was looking for you you should be my queen" into the mic. A declaration of love to a woman you’ve been looking for all your life and want to have as your queen by your side. "Neverland" has become a great album and fans of Power Metal / Melodic Metal / Heavy Metal should listen to it. Although keyboards are part of it, they’re a complement and you don’t find corny sound spheres. A metal jewel, which in my opinion deserves the highest score. 12/12 Review by Dominic Latscha