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FreaKings - No Way Out
Label: - Release: 2011 Style: Thrash Metal Tracklist 1. Our Father, 2. Temptation, 3. Kill The Snake, 4. No Insight, 5. Face Up Your Fight, 6. Rush Hour, 7. No Way Out, 8. The Cross Is Empty, 9. 43,2, 10. Unheard FreaKings is a Swiss Thrash Metal band from Bubendorf, canton of Basel-Country. The group consists of singer/guitarist Jonathan Brutschin, bassist Tobias Straumann and drummer Simon Straumann. The band was founded in 2008. One year later a de-
mo CD was released and in 2011 the debut "No Way Out" followed. It was recorded at the S-O Mixlabor in Bubendorf, canton of Basel-Country and produced by the band. André Siegrist was responsible for the mix and Pek Krattiger from Musictown took care of the mastering process. No Way Out" opens with "Our Father". A prayer to our heavenly creator named God is heard and accompanied by a church organ. A little later guitars and drums are heard and the prayer turns into a hard, instrumental number. "Temptation" starts a bit harder and faster. For a moment one imagines Sepultura in front of the eyes. The song is convincing and singer/guitarist Jonathan sings with a deep, ominous voice. This is about being strong and not giving in to temptation. Tempo changes follow and provide variety. "Kill The Snake" is introduced with a spoken word passage, before sawing guitar riffs sound. Here a Slayer influence is very strong, but also the German Thrash Metal legend Kreator left its mark. The theme deals with evil in form of a snake which has to be killed, because it made Adam eat the poisoned apple in the Garden of Eden and this event led to exile from paradise. Great guitar work and vocals by Jonathan Brutschin. "No Insight" starts with a groovy bass line by bassist Tobias Straumann before the guitar of Jonathan Brutschin and the drums of Simon Straumann kick in. Thematically it‘s about humanity, which destroys itself and is unable to learn from its own mistakes and is characterized by arrogance. A guitar solo by Jonathan Brutschin will be heard from 4:30 and gives the song a melodic touch. From my point of view "Face Up Your Fight" contains a philosophical approach. It's about someone who thinks the whole world revolves around him and this person doesn't believe that the absolute opposite is true. Suddenly you’ve to face your own struggle and life changes. Groovy guitar riffs to two-part vocals. From 3:00 the tempo is slowed down and a guitar solo follows. "Rush Hour" is an instrumental song that serves as a transition. "No Way Out" begins with a guitar riff. You're trapped in life and you’ve to choose a path. You try to make a two days journey in one day. But the way of least resistance isn’t always the right choice. From 3:15 on, a guitar solo by Jonathan Brutschin follows and underlines his skills as a guitarist besides his role as singer. "The Cross Is Empty" deals with Jesus of Nazareth, who was nailed to the cross, because he called himself the Son of God and suffered terribly by the hands of the Romans, who saw this as heresy. Catchy, sawing guitar riffs make this song a pleasure to listen to, where you can imagine this story from the holy bible metaphorically. "43,2" contains the Psalm from the Bible where God is asked for help and strength to be saved from wrong people. It also raises the question why the creator rejects you. "Unheard" closes the album. This song is dedicated to some people who had to go through a very difficult time in their lives. There are times with backlashes that we don‘t understand and one feels "outrageous" by God. Once again singer/guitarist Jonathan Brutschin with bassist Tobias Straumann and drummer Simon Straumann step on the gas to carry the listener along before the music falls silent. In my opinion, FreaKings had released a good debut with "No Way Out". Who likes to listen to Thrash Metal and has no problem with Christian influences should listen to this album. 7/12 Review by Dominic Latscha