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Freakings (SWI), Mortal Factor (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland – 17.10.2020
The thrash metal band Freakings from the canton of Basel-Country has been  able to inspire me in the past with their energetic performances and great albums.  Originally they would have played on March 14th, 2020 at the Rockfact Music Club  in Münchenstein, but the show was cancelled due to illness, on March 15th, 2020  the lockdown was declared and all events in the entertainment area were  cancelled at once. This was a big shock for the Swiss Metal community, because  there you meet your friends and acquaintances and have a good time together.  For this reason I took part in this concert. As support band the Thrash Metal band  Mortal Factor from the canton of Lucerne played. An interesting program for  fans of this genre. And as long as there are concerts, you should visit them. 
On 9:15 pm the band members of Mortal Factor entered the stage. The trio around singer Dave Roos Launchbury,  guitar player René Meyer (Cutest Beast, Motorbreath, Ministry of Sin) and drummer Marcel Spiga were looking forward  to banish the audience in the Rockfact Music Club with a load of Thrash Metal the Corona Pandemic worries from their  heads and to fill them with good mood and joy of life. With the band anthem "Mortal Factor" they opened their set. The  music enthused the audience and the guitar solos of guitar player René Meyer contributed to this besides funny jokes of  Dave and René like "our band doesn't have a keyboard and no second guitar one is easily enough for that".  Furthermore, René supported singer Dave with occasional vocal interludes and put himself in the limelight with his  guitar. The music reminded of a harder Thrash Metal version of the German Metal band Rage. This was followed by  tempo changes in the songs and the band members changed the stage side more often to interact with the audience.  What was surprising was the excursion into the style of Rock'n'Roll as "Whiskey Stream" and "Blind Warrior" sounded.  Nobody expected that and from my point of view it was a cool move to find out how the audience would react. They  liked it and reacted with applause. With "Ain't that something" they returned to Thrash Metal and when singer Dave  asked the audience if a fast song or a slow one should be played, the slower song "Burden" followed and then the faster  number "Devil and his dog". The band members showed a lot of joy on stage and were happy to play that evening. After  the last song "That's the way I wanna rock'n'roll" by AC/DC, the band members were bid farewell with much applause. A  strong performance at their second gig in the canton Basel-Country.  Setlist Mortal Factor Intro Mortal Factor Crank it Body in my bed Leave you to rot All I had Shy hell Whiskey Stream Blind Warrior Ain’t that something Burden Devil and his dog Walk That’s the way I wanna rock’n’roll After a short interruption Freakings was on stage on 10:25 pm. The band from the upper section of Basel-Country around singer/guitarist Jonathan Brutschin, bassist Tobias Straumann and drummer Simon Straumann started with "Gladiator". In contrast to the support band, the speed was dominant here and it wasn‘t possible to catch one's breath. Singer / guitarist Jonathan Brutschin showed a lot of joy in playing and inspired with guitar solos and vocals. Furthermore he fought guitar duels with bassist Tobias Straumann, which was missing in the support band. They gave full throttle and their setlist contained a good selection of older and newer songs. The band cracker "Nuclear Assault" was renamed to "Corona Assault" without further ado. Unfortunately, the audience reacted cautiously to singer Jonathan's animation of shouting the words "Corona Assault" along with the chorus. Anyway, the music spoke for itself and influences of Kreator, Sodom and Slayer (R.I.P.) could be heard. The audience enjoyed the performance and showed this with applause and good mood. What was noticeable was no moshpit or circle pit occured during the concert. Usually this would feel strange, but in times of Corona you’ve to enjoy the concerts in a different way and without physical proximity. The band played for about 60 minutes. "King Reigns" finished the performance and some spectators  would‘ve liked to hear more songs. However, they were satisfied and Freakings got a lot of applause for their great performance tonight. This is what Thrash Metal from the canton with the red bar has to sound like. Keep it up! It’s always a pleasure to see this trio live. On 11:30 pm the concert was over and some spectators made it to the merchandise corner to buy CDs, t-shirts and stickers from both bands. A short time later all spectators left the Rockfact Music Club and headed home. Conclusion: From my point of view tonight was a great success. The two bands showed great performances and made sure that you could forget your worries for a moment in times of the Corona pandemic. Thanks go to mixer Jerry Thomas Ferrat, who was responsible for the good sound. Livereport by Dominic Latscha