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Fire Rose - Devil On High Heels
Label: Non Stop Music Records Release: 2016 Style: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Tracklist 1. Wheels On Fire, 2. Fire’N’Ice, 3. On The Edge, 4. Don’t Need Somebody, 5. Heavy Metal Still Burns, 6. Fades To Grey, 7. Falling, 8. Devil On High Heels 9. I Love You, 10. Light Of Hope, 11. Tequila, 12. Together We Stand, 13. We Are Wild
Fire Rose is a Swiss hard rock / heavy metal band from the upper part of the canton of Basel-Country. It had been founded in 2005 by guitarist Simon Giese and singer Andi. Shortly afterwards, the band was complete and the goal "to inspire fans with wild rock" was tackled. In 2006 the first concert and shows in pubs followed. More concerts with various bands soon followed. In 2012 they played at the rock/metal temple Z7 in Pratteln, canton of Basel-Country. In 2013 Pascal Dahinden joined as singer after Andi left the band. In 2016 the debut "Devil On High Heels" saw the light of day. It was produced by none other than the well-known local music producer V.O. Pulver (Pro-Pain, Destruction, Gurd, Poltergeist) at Little Creek Studios in Gelterkinden, Canton of Basel-Country, Switzerland. This record climbed to number 79 in the Swiss charts. Unfortunately, bassist Adrian Thommen passed away in the summer of that year. Shortly after, singer Pascal Dahinden left the band. Due to line-up changes, new members joined with singer Philipp Meier (ex-Crown of Glory) and bassist Janick Schaffner. The album "Devil On High Heels" was dedicated to the late bass player Adrian Thommen. Through the music he‘ll live forever in the hearts of his friends, family and fans of the band. The present work is dominated by a mixture of hard rock and heavy metal. It contains groovy songs with cool lyrics, guitarist Simon Giese can show his skills as a side wizard with solos. Besides he supports frontman Pascal Dahinden with background vocals. Singer Pascal Dahinden shines with his scratchy voice. Guitarist Florian Giese provides guitar parts and bassist Adrian Thommen supports with background vocals and ensures a harmonious interaction of the quintet. Behind the drums Daniel Kopp kicks ass. What this group performs on the present album "Devil On High Heels" is great. The party factor sets in quickly. A little more variety would be good for the band and create even more suspense. If you always wanted to know how well done Hard Rock / Heavy Metal music from the upper part of the Rotstab Canton sounds, you should listen here and visit concerts of the band. You won’t regret it! You get a lot of action and fun. 11/12 Review by Dominic Latscha