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Fate Is Dying - Your Inability EP
Label: Fastbeast Entertainment Release: 2006 Style: Metalcore Tracklist 1. Your Inability, 2. Get Off The Damage, 3. Not Without Hope, 4. Just As A Farce, 5. Standing Outside Fate Is Dying was a Swiss metalcore band from the city of Zurich, canton of Zurich. It was founded in 2005 and consisted of singer Reto Züger, guitarist Patrick Küng, guitarist Natasha Banzigou, bassist Michael Gall and drummer Andreas Höfler. One year after its foundation, their debut "Your Inability" was
released by Swiss record company Fastbeast Entertainment. This work was recorded at Traintown Studios and Keaton Henson was responsible for the artwork. On the present work the band often reminded of the legendary American metalcore band As I Lay Dying, which was noticeable in the screams of singer Reto Züger and the guitar tunes of Patrick Küng and Natasha Banzigou. The music was brutal and the production took care of the pressure. The double bass playing and the riffs provided entertainment, but the whole thing sounded like a copy. In my opinion that's a pity, because the band would have had the chance to make their own name by adding their own touch to the music. Such brutal, melancholic metalcore was not heard very often at that time. Mostly many bands of this style focused on melodies and the hardness was missing. The quintet disbanded in 2007 and "Your Inability" remained the only album in their short career. If you are into brutal metalcore and don't have any problems with a band that sounds very much like As I Lay Dying, you will enjoy this group. 6/12 Review by Dominic Latscha