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Erupdead (SWI), Ophelia’s Eye (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland – 19.09.2020
At the beginning of the year rock and metal concerts took place in Switzerland. Unfortunately the corona virus came from China and paralyzed public life worldwide. Clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels, gyms etc. had to close and a worldwide lockdown was imposed. Meanwhile the situation has improved a bit, the clubs have opened again, but with strict regulations and limited capacity. For this reason I was looking forward to a concert again. The two Swiss bands Erupdead  and Ophelia's Eye visited the Rockfact Music Club in Münchenstein. The concert cancellation had to be stopped and that's why I was at this event to experience hard music live and not just at home listening to CDs or watching concerts on YouTube. At some point you just have to go out again and treat yourself. A good opportunity to get rid of negative feelings like frustration and anger in these
disturbing times. The doors opened at 8 pm and after a short administrative process with data storage in case of an infection you were allowed to enter the club. There you could linger, have a drink and listen to music. On 9:15 PM Ophelia's Eye entered the stage. The modern metal band from the city of Aarau, canton of Aargau was founded in 2019 and played their first concert in February 2020. After that Corona came and made sure that the concert was cancelled. Because of this, the band members were looking forward to fill the Rockfact Music Club with their music and to offer the audience a good show and escape from the grey everyday life. It was also their first gig in the canton of Basel-Country. The group around singer Michel Egloff-Sieber (ex-Sweet Massacre) opened the evening with their band anthem "Ophelia's Eye". He convinced with his growl vocals, sympathy and stage presence and actively sought contact with the audience. The guitar tunes of Corinne and Remo sounded really cool thanks to the new sound system and sparked much joy in the audience which was reflected in applause. And Remo could prove his skills as a guitarist with guitar solos. It was a joy to see him playing the guitar under red spotlights. In general the atmosphere in the club was very good and the audience joined in and when songs between 170 - 250 bpm were played, there was no break. The new bass player Sandro had to step on stage and was introduced to the audience and that he‘ll be at the next concerts. After the song "My Honor" the band members wanted to leave the stage, but the audience demanded an encore. This followed with "Human Abyss". Afterwards the band members were bid farewell with much applause. They had earned it. Their second concert this evening left a great impression and one can be curious what the future holds for the band Ophelia's Eye. Setlist Ophelia’s Eye Ophelia’s Eye Pain and Sorrow Speak Words of Destruction The Demon Behind My Mind Fuck My Trust Fight For Us I’m Explosive My Honor Human Abyss After Ophelia's Eye left the stage, a short interruption followed. The band Erupdead entered the stage at 10:30 PM. The band from Basel was looking forward to today's performance as headliner, because Corona hadn‘t left them without a trace and caused difficulties with live performances. Eight years ago Erupdead played with the Swiss band Abgrund at the venue Atelier 21 in Bubendorf, Canton of Basel-Country and Iron-T21 was the organizer at that time. The first song was "Temple Of Baal" and singer Sebi showed with guttural vocals how singing has to sound in this style. He was also constantly in motion and sought contact with the audience. Breakdowns found their way into the sound and also death metal and black metal elements could be heard. A completely different style in contrast to the support band but very interesting. Marc's bass playing grooved the hard sound brew and he really got into it while the riffs of guitarists Herzig and Matt rolled everything down. Sounded a bit like a sawmill, but felt very cool and unleashed its effect within a short time. The audience liked the performance and showed it with applause. A completely new song was played, which had no name yet, but was convincing. In addition, the audience enjoyed "Guns And Roses", "Fucked Up" or "Bolon Yokte 'K'uh". Although it was already late, the audience didn't show any signs of tiredness but the desire to enjoy every second of this performance. The band wanted to leave the stage after their set. However, the audience demanded an encore and didn‘t want the performance to end. For this reason "Blinded" followed and it got loud again in the Rockfact Music Club. Afterwards the quintet said goodbye to the enthusiastic audience and received a lot of applause. Tonight Erupdead did a great performance as headliner and the band members were happy about the chance to provide Münchenstein with hard music. Setlist Erupdead Temple Of Baal Unhumanizer Guns And Roses 111 Fucked Up 110 Bolon Yokte `K`uh 112 116 113 Blinded After the performances of Ophelia's Eye and Erupdead, you could stay at the Rockfact Music Club and enjoy the good atmosphere. At midnight the club closed its doors and the audience left with joy and smiles on their faces. That‘s the way it has to be! Many thanks to all involved for this wonderful evening. It was great being at a concert again and experiencing beautiful moments. Livereport by Dominic Latscha