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End of Silence (SWI), With One Word (SWI)
Hitchy’s, Liestal, Switzerland – 03.06.2017
The pente coast weekend arrived. You go to the championship party of FC Basel or you go away on a trip for a few days. Hitchy’s provided a concert for the metalheads who stayed home. A date you shouldn’t miss despite the rain and cold weather. The doors opened on 7 PM and two hours later With One Word was on stage. The Metalcore band from Zurich Oberland was happy about tonight and showed it on stage. Guitar player Lex and Silvan convinced with guitar tunes while singer Arran kicked ass with his voice. Watching the guys live was a pleasure, because they lived the music with much passion and devotion and this is no matter of causet in today’s fast moving time.
The spectators appreciated it and the three piece received much applause for their performance. They said goodbye to the audience with „Kingdom of Pain“ and left the stage. Setlist With One Word Intro Moments of Doubt Hidden Below Lift Musik The Storm Arise The Story Kingdom of Pain The Storm Headliner End of Silence entered the stage after a short interruption. The young Central Swiss started with „Rotten World“ after a intro. It’s not easy to move on the small stage of Hitchy’s but the musicians had a lot of fun. Singer & Bass player Andreas Egli convinced with a vocal variation between clean vocals and growls. Guitar player Thomas Stalder entertained the audience with guitar solos gave spice to the sonic brew. Watching the guys live was a pleasure, they interacted with the audience and involved into the performance. So far I didn’t take notice of this band but what they performed in Liestal tonight was amazing. It only remains to hope they continue playing live in this way, because there’s potential to reach a new and higher level. After the concert you could buy their record „Rotten World“. Setlist End of Silence Intro Rotten World My Own Tragedy Liar The Anchor On My Feet The Fallen A Million Miles Away Disaster One Bullet Left Silent Circle One Of Those Days Unspoken Truth Outro Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha