Breaking Mercy (GER), Tubekillers (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON T-21
The worst thing for a concert promoter is when a well-known band cancels its appearance because of line-up changes just before their concert. The venue Rockfact Music Club and IRON T-21 have experienced it. But they found an equivalent replacement in Tubekillers rather than throwing in the towel. No one else than the German Hard Rock band Breaking Mercy played as headliner, who was a support act of Banging Heart. The Rockfact Music Club opened its doors on 8 PM. IRON T-21 member Peter Berger announced the Tubekillers on 9:15 PM. The Alternative Rock band from the Basel area recorded a new album called „We passed the future“ and introduced
some songs to the spectators tonight. „Magnifique“ got played as first song and it wasn’t long before the spectators connected with the sound. If you love authentic Alternative Rock, you can’t elude Tubekillers. Besides new songs, the hit „Diamonds“ got played, because it’s a catchy tune and leaves a permanent impression. There’s another catchy tune called „Time And Continuum“, which has the potential to become a new hit. Singer Shiro and his bandmates said goodbye to the audience after one hour and received standing ovations for their great performance. „We passed the future“ will be issued in May 2015. Setlist Tubekillers Magnifique A Winners Game Stratosphere Diamonds Lazy Tuned We passed the future Stereophonic Supersports Flying Under Water Time And Continuum Between Can’t See The Light We Found The Light A short break occured and the stage was undergoin’ preparations for headliner Breaking Mercy. The spectators and myself were excited about this band from Weil am Rhein, because the guys kicked ass in front of many spectators last time. 10:55 PM was the time when Breaking Mercy entered the stage and the first song „Burn it“ bumped out the speakers. The Hard Rockers played a remarkable appearance. It felt like they absorbed the Rock Music with breast milk and they haven’t done anythin‘ else in their lives than makin‘ music. Singer Alex Rekk is a gifted singer with a raspy voice and guitar player Chris Brombacher could easily pass as son of the legendary guitar god Slash. The dexterity of his fingers on the guitar reminiscent of the former Guns’N’Roses guitar wizard. After „New Beginning“ the electric guitars were set aside. Singer Alex Rekk entered the stage and said „I always wanted play on a accoustic guitar in front of the audience. Now, we’re the headliner and my dream comes true“. Alex puts up the accoustic guitar and plays the Incubus classic „Pardon Me“ besides the Staind classic „Epiphany“. This emotional moment when singer Alex Rekk lives out his soulful side was well-received by female and male audience. But who thought they continue playin‘ kick ass songs was wrong. A jam session followed and you had time to rest and get a drink. However the break was over and the band started kickin’ ass again with  „Life Ain’t Gonna Wait“. Watchin‘ Breaking Mercy on stage was a visual and accoustic treat. They left the stage after „Breaking Chains“ but the spectators demanded an encore. The persistence paid off, because Breaking Mercy returned on stage to underline their outstandin’ performance with „Every Fucking Day“. Despite the good Tubekillers performance, Breaking Mercy was the band of the evening to me. That was because the Germans created their show from stage and might not reflect the reaction of the audience to obtain the term „breathtaking“. Setlist Breaking Mercy Burn It Open Eyes Can You Tell Me Blues (Enjoy) New Beginning Pardon Me Epiphany Life Ain’t Gonna Wait Broken World Better Off Alone Run Away Breaking Chains Every Fucking Day Many thanks to Rockfact Music Club, IRON T-21, the bands Breaking Mercy and Tubekillers for the great evening. Another thanks goes to mixer Jerry Ferrat, who cared for a perfect sound again. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland – 18.04.2015
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