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10 Years IRON-T21 Anniversary Party Black Angels (SWI), Fire Rose (SWI) Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21 Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland – 06.11.2021
Autumn had arrived in Switzerland and showed his ugly side with rain and fog in the last few days. However this Saturday was greeted with sunshine and blue skies, which not only lifted the mood in these uncertain times, but also encouraged to go out. The best thing was still the fact that on this evening the 10th anniversary party of the association IRON-T21 took place at the Rockfact Music Club in Münchenstein. Such a long time is no matter of course and had to be celebrated properly. Actually, this event should’ve
been celebrated in April 2021, but the well-known problem called C...... put a spoke in the organizers' wheel. Therefore the event got postponed to 6.11.2021. For the musical background, the legendary Swiss band Black Angels and the local band Fire Rose were added to the program. The concert poster was another reason why a visit that night was an absolute must and to experience two amazing bands from the national rock and metal scene. After the doors opened at 8 pm, people were allowed to enter the club, enjoy the ambience with music from the speakers and get drinks. An hour later, the heavy rock band Fire Rose was on stage. The last time I saw this group was in early September 2021 at Rockfact Music Club when they put on a great show and created excitement. The show started with the American Football anthem „Touchdown“ and the first bull‘s-eye was scored by the team. The presented itself in a good mood and heated up the audience with new songs like „Fields of Honor“ and „Rise Like The Sun, but hits like „Heavy Metal Still Burns“, „Devil On High Heels“ beamed positive mood into the minds and hearts of the spectators, who enjoyed every second of the spectacle and appreciated the effort of the five-piece with applause. The spectators clapped along in „Fade to Grey“  and had to sing „Ohhhh“  in „Devil On High Heels“.  Singer Philipp Meier kicked ass with his vocals and the guitar faction Simon and Florian Giese enganged in guitar duels with bass player Jannick Schaffner and alternated changed stage sides. Drumer Daniel Kopp kicked ass behind the drums. The whole performance was a treat and Philipp announced the end after „Together We Stand“. However, the spectators objected to this decision and began to insistently shout for encores, and it paid off. Dessert was followed by the two songs  „Get It All“ and the party anthem „Wheels on Fire“ which never fails and marked the end. It was a great performance from hard rock / heavy metal band from Basle- Country on that evening, which went too fast.  That was pure passion. Setliste Fire Rose Touch Down We Are Wild Fields Of Honor Heavy Metal Still Burns Leave Your Cage On The Edge Rise Like The Sun Fades To Gray Devil On High Heels Together We Stand Get It All Wheels On Fire A short interruption followed after this performance to adjust the stage for the headliner Black Angels. At 10:35 pm the time had come and the intro "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who sounded after a short announcement. The legendary band around singer Ron Philipps was extremely looking forward to the concert, because they originally wanted to go on tour, but it got cancelled due to the well-known virus problem. This joy was immediately noticeable they let the music speak for itself and it was very varied and interesting.  The band was active since 1979 (after 1985 there was an interruption until 2009) one could experience a musical journey into Swiss rock history. The dancing leg made itself independent by the rhytmic „Blind like a fool“ and it was impossible standing still, because the rhythm found its way into the brain and flipped the motion switch there. A great oportunity to promote their current record „Steamroller“, which was published recently. Change of paces followed and the hardness and melody balanced each other. Responsible for this was the experienced guitar player André Bradtka, who kicked ass with guitar solos in the spotlight and looked for bass player Michael Enders to rock with him and both showed their dexterity on their instruments. Besides his great vocal performance, Ron included his entertaining skills into the show either and interacted actively with the audience. He provided background information about the songs in addition for example „You’re all I’ve got tonight“ about the relationship between rockbands and the crowd. A song about riding a Harley Davidson followed with „Song of thunder“ and you could hear the sound of the motor of this motorcycle in the beginning. I found the song "Mama don't like" very special, which is a kind of invitation to take mothers to concerts. The party atmosphere was very high, because „Burn Baby Burn“ and „Let me see you rock“ put a spell on the spectators. During the other party song, "Big Balls," the audience had to sing along with the words "Gimme Big Balls of Rock'n'Roll," because Ron wanted to know how they were managing this challenge. They did their best and Ron was satisfied. "Moving on" was dedicated to deceased rock legends. Actually, this would‘ve been the end of the appearance, as always the audience had a different opinion and wanted to hear encores. These were granted with the catchy "Rock The City" and the Bobby "Blue" Band cover "Ain't no love in the heart of the city" (which was also covered by Whitesnake). After that, the band members Ron, Michael, Mark and André said goodbye to the audience with a lot of applause and happy faces. This band wasn‘t without reason in line with Swiss rock legends like Krokus and China. Setliste Black Angels Spread your wings Blind like a fool Steamroller Never gonna let you down Bound for the O-Tail You’re all I’ve got tonight Sound of thunder out for a sin Mama don’t like On The Rise Burn Baby Burn Set Me Free Song of glory Moving on Let me see you rock Running with the wind Big balls Rock the city ain’t no love in the heart of the city Conclusion: It was worth visiting the 10th anniversary of IRON-T21 at Rockfact Music Club, because it was celebrated with great bands from the national rock and metal scene and the fun factor was high from the beginning to the end. Livereport by Dominic Latscha