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Askara (SWI), Soulline (SWI)
Met Bar, Lenzburg,  Switzerland – 02.06.2018
At the beginning of the year I saw the Swiss progressive metal band Askara for the first time. Until then, I didn’t know any band with such a multifaceted sound and was surprised how professionally and with how much joy they performed their music. When they were confirmed for a concert at Met Bar, I wanted to experience an unforgettable evening again and went to the venue accompanied by two friends. Soulline was announced as first band.
The intro sounded on 8:30 PM and the Soulline band members entered the stage. The group about singer Gabriele Gianora started with „The Fall“. Their powerful mixture of melodic death metal and elements of mordern metal kicked off and was well-received by the audience. Gabriele showed his vocal range and convinced with stage presence. Guitarist Lore, Marco and bassist Miles switched the sides from time to time and had duels on guitar. Drummer Matt Vescovi convince with stage presence and a muscular upper body. Unfortunately their appearance ended after the encore „Anvils“. The members thanked the audience with a bow and left the stage. It was a lot of fun watching them live again. Setlist Soulline The Fall Rise Up Still Mind Right Here Broken Leviathan Curse Anvils Askara from Basel performed as headliner. The group around the charismatic singer Myriam Schmidt entered the stage after an intro. Myriam dressed in white announced „Friend of Job“. Thanks to a special stage design, the music unfolded better than the last appearance. Myriam convinced with her voice and guitarist Elia Schmidt with growls. Suddenly occuring breakdowns provided a change and surprised the spectators. The spectators were able to enjoy a new song with „Lights of Night“. This track was well-received by the audience and obtained much applause. Elia and bassist Beni switched positions and with guitar duels they wanted find out who was casual comes across. Because it’s difficult to determine a winner, we call it a draw. After the normal set, the spectators were unwilling to let the band go. Instead you wanted hear more, because the hunger hadn’t still been satisfied. For this reason the two encores „Broken Wing“ and „Lost“. Their appearance ended and the band members obtained much applause. Setlist Askara Intro Friend of Job Lights of Night Vigor of Dreams My Name By God Identity Shatter the Glass Wall Beyond the Horizon of Hope Broken Wing Lost You could buy CD’s, T-shirts and many more at the merchandise corner the members were ready to take selfies. Necessarily support the underground scene. Small bands also have their charm and kick more ass than the big famous bands, which perform on the big stages of this world. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha