Abgrund (SWI), HAK (SWI), As Sanity Fades (SWI)
It’s been a while since I visited the Loco Club in Biel. However it was worthwhile visitin’ this venue again, because the Death Metal veterans Abgrund celebrated their 15th anniversary at Loco Club in Biel and invited to a Metalfest. As opening acts played the Bern Slang Core band HAK and the Death Metal band As Sanity Fades. As Sanity Fades started to perform on 8 PM. The Death Metal band from Winterthur has been active in the Swiss Metal scene for 20 years and opened the evening with the song „Menschenjagd“. The sound was very powerful and metal fans banged their heads in front of the stage. Singer Steve Mosimann growled everythin‘ into scrap metal and the guitar tunes of Marco Radamonti and Bruno Mathis thrilled the Loco Club. The spectators liked the appearance and the band received applause. As Sanity Fades convinced with their show and left a good impression.
Setlist As Sanity Fades Menschenjagd Geistheiler Aus einer anderen Welt Blutbad Kellerkinder (Ein Rachefeldzug) Aber die Andern Der Tag danach Afterwards HAK played and convinced with Bern Slang Core. It was special, because their songs are in Bern German and this slang is one of the most popular Swiss slangs. The song „mundart“ was played as first song and the spectators freaked out. The groovy parts made some spectators dance and the Berner ensured a good mood. Although their music is heavily influenced by Crossover legend Rage Against The Machine, they give their best live and convince with a strong performance. A Crossover wrecking ball got played with the last song „halt mal d Schnurre“. Then HAK left the stage and received much applause from the audience. Setlist HAK mundart wachät uf Terrrrrrror sagats dena gib nid uf wixär mami figger dürä dräiä scheiss trance über nacht mir glich geil das äs oich git halt mal d schnurre Abgrund entered the stage as headliner after 10 PM. A white screen came down and showed pictures from the past. As singer in the first part of the set list was guitarist Stefan Gehri on stage. Bassist Maja Grauwiler broke a finger in advance and she could only participate during the song „Evil“ and then she got replaced by substitute bassist Jonas. Stefan Gehri entertained the audience until the „Final Destination“. This was followed by the second part of the set. Pictures from recent years were shown with singer Rolf Balmer, who immediately took the stage when „Disturbing Behavior“ pumped out the speakers and recited in best Death Metal style with growlin‘. For the necessary sex appeal during the performance ensured bassist Maja Grauwiler, Carmen Herren and Bianca Lauper, who took the stage to bang their heads. Maja Grauwiler and Carmen Herren wore hot pants and showed their legs and the whole thing still looked much better. This is how it should be! Abgrund played so well that „CEK“ got played as encore. After the concert there was cake for every metal fan. Setlist Abgrund Intro Evil Maniac Pain Of D. Allah will B Hammer Naked and Final Destination Intro II Disturbing Behavior Hate Unleashed Infiziert Blackened For those Dämonen Life Hard (Alarm) United in Hate Outro CEK Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha
15 Years Abgrund
Loco Club, Biel, Switzerland – 14.02.2015
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