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Under One Hat Tour 2019
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 23.03.2019
The "Under One Hat Tour" is a tour which unites four bands with different styles from different parts of Switzerland. On 2 March 2019, the starting signal was given and the train started to move. For a show at the Rockfact Music Club they visited the canton Baselland. A great way to support local musicians and discover something new. And spring-like weather brings additional joy to go out and visit a concert. As the first band Teronation opened the evening on 9:15 PM. The young Thrash Metal Band from Greifensee, Zurich was founded in 2011 as Heavy Metal Band. "Treachery" sounded and a portion of Thrash Metal with a shot of Metallica was served. You heard the Heavy Metal influence at the guitar
solos. Here Iron Maiden was clearly an influence. The mixture was very well received and thrilled the audience. The performance ended 20 minutes „Took it“. The band members left the stage and were adopted with applause. Setlist Teronation Treachery Death Dealer Nowhere To Hide Took It Okto Vulgaris played on 9:45 PM. The young people from Grisons play "Tube Rock", which is characterized by a rough female voice, sly guitars and an earthy rhythm. A good opportunity to introduce their EP "Tube One" and present themselves to the audience. Singer Sarah Jack brought rock'n'roll into the music through her singing and with her bandmate Mary Martens noise rock was brought in. It’s difficult to define their style through the different influences. But you stand out and get applause for the performance. After "Go Song" they said goodbye and left the stage. That was an interesting journey into alternative realms. Setlist Okto Vulgaris Escape Hero Common Blow Go Song Then it was time for Izamanya. The group, consisting of singer Iza Loosli (Bluesaholics / Sweet November) and Many Maurer (ex-Killer and Krokus member from 1988-2000) had performed once at the Rockfact Music Club. They played acoustically back then. This time it went electric. "Warrior of the Heart" from the first CD "Second Life" heralded the performance. Iza Loosli presented herself to the audience with a beautiful smile. Their rock / metal music was pure, real and direct. Iza showed a vocal brilliance and Many Maurer showed passion on the guitar. Watching them was an audio- visual delight, because the harmony between them was visible from the beginning. The second guitarist Remo Cadalbert gave the sound additional heavyness and more groove. The audience liked that and  the performance ended after "Back To Life". They obtained much applause for their show. Setlist Izamanya Warrior Of The Heart I Don’t Wanna Die Pissin‘ I Still Believe Back To Life 2Bad entered the stage at late hour. A wild mix of 80’s Classic Rock and Heavy Metal followed. Or you just call it „Purplesnakeboneuropelukaterlandish“. Singer Daniel Brönimann shone with charisma and reminded vocally of the legendary singer Geoff Tate (ex-Queensrÿrche, Operation Mindcrime). Keyboarder Vito Rettenmund added Deep Purple influences with his keyboard game. Bassist Dan Grossenbacher occasionally supported the band with vocals and background singer Denise sang in the background. Through guitarist Steve Businger the audience enjoyed melodic guitar solos. Just wonderful how he proves his dexterity. The band works like a Swiss clockwork and presents an explosive, catchy Rock/Metal mixture that captivates from beginning to end. So it's no wonder that they were adopted with a lot of applause after the last song "Natural Groove". That was amazing. I’m speechless. Setlist 2Bad Waiting for the Night Aiming High Live Wire Traces in the Sand Wasted Natural Groove Result: a successful evening with much varied, interesting music ended. Memories of this unforgettable night are left behind. Or "A Night To Remember" as Bryan Adams once sang. Livereport and Photos by Dominic Latscha