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Unchain - Plug & Play
Label: - Release: 2009 Style: Hard Rock Tracklist 1. Back Against The Wall, 2. Second Wind, 3. Going To The Clubs, 4. Hills, 5. Up In, 6. Smoke, 7. I’m Back, 8. Falling Down, 9. Somebody, 10. Two Glasses, 11. Happy Day, 12. Rockin’ In A Free World Unchain is a Swiss rock band from the canton of Bern. The quintet from the Seeland has been rocking the stages of Switzerland since 2005. They shared the stages with legendary bands such as Europe, Uriah Heep, Krokus, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Shakra and Y & T.
Their music is rock with rough edges, which shows timeless elegance. Their first album "Plug & Play" was released in 2009 and was produced by no one else than Tommy Vetterli (Redeem, Pure Inc.) at Newsound Studio in Pfäffikon, Canton of Schwyz. The first single release was "Going To The Clubs". At the beginning of 2020 the band split up with bassist Emi because of differences about the future development of the group. However, the new man on bass was found in Jan Oesch. "Back Against The Wall" is the first song and shows the musical direction; melodious hard rock with guitar solos and a voice soaked with rock'n'roll and blues facets. "Going To The Clubs" invites you to dance from beginning to end and is characterized by a catchy rhythm and a melody that sticks in your head. I like "I'm Back" very much because of the positive atmosphere. What I notice with her songs is that their hard rock colleagues Shakra have left an influence and it becomes noticeable in individual moments. This is not a disadvantage, because the music has its own note and is bursting with joy of playing. "Plug & Play" is also the motto of this band, which shows deep friendship. Furthermore, they have brought got the best out of it and renounced on superfluous studio frills during the recordings. Highlights on this work are the songs "I'm Back", "Two Glasses" and "Happy Day". The Neil Young cover "Rockin’ In A Free World" closes the album. If you like hard rock with Swiss influence and like to listen to bands like Krokus, Gotthard or Shakra, you might also like this band. 7,5/12 Review by Dominic Latscha