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Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 21.12.2019
Triple Rock is a tour with three different bands in three different Swiss cities with a lot of Rock'n'Roll. That's why Tubekillers joined forces with Max-Muster- Experience and Yes I Man. The tour start took place at the Rockfact Music Club in Münchenstein in the canton of Basel-Country. A welcome opportunity to get rid of the X-mas stress and enjoy a pinch of good music. As the first group of the evening Yes I Man played at 9 pm. The band from Bern with roots in the Valais celebrated a mixture of alternative rock, indie and rock'n'roll, which sounded varied and enthused the audience. The young four-piece showed enthusiasm and presented a good show. In October 2019 they released their EP "Dig A Hole" and could show songs from this album. Because the audience
liked the performance very much, they had to play an encore. After appearances in prestigious venues such as the Bad Bonn in Düdigen, the Café Mokka in Thun or the Bodmer Openair in Valais and the Schmittner Open Air, they could book another successful performance this evening. The music was interesting because the band created their own mixture of different styles and so the time flew by and you enjoyed the atmosphere. Max-Muster-Experience played on 10:25 PM. The Blues Rock Trio from the canton of Zurich presented powerful, dynamic songs with lots of groove and guitar solos by singer Steve. He shone with his voice and animated the audience to sing along. The band had fun and you could tell from the start. They had the audience in their pocket with songs by Jimi Hendrix and "Sister Susan" about the wild sister of Steve. After the encore "Rock'n Me Baby" the band members Steve, Guy and Peter left the stage. They left a good impression. Fans of rock and blues got their money's worth. Real, handmade blues rock will still work in 2019. Setlist Max-Muster-Experience Fool for your stockings Damn Right Help the poor Angel of Mine Sister Susan Day Tripper Stone Free Hey Joe Fox Lady Rock‘n Me Baby Afterwards Tubekillers stood on stage. The alternative rockers from the canton of Basel-Country/Alsace started with "Supersports". Retro-puristic, timeless analogue music, which the band presented to the audience. Singer Shiro showed his joy about this evening with a smile and a good vocal and guitar performance. This year the band was strengthened by background singer Simone, who also convinced with her vocals and stage presence. Further bass player Boris convinced with his bass playing and guitarist Christian shone with stage presence and sporadic vocal interludes. The audience enjoyed a new song called "Last Man Alive". The premiere was a success, because the number was catchy. After "Long Time Ago" the band members left the stage. However, the audience wanted to hear an encore and demanded that the band return to the stage. So the band returned on stage and played an encore with "Noserider". After that their performance was over and they got a lot of applause. Setlist Tubekillers Supersports Antilopics Electronic Desaster Nine to go Blastica Fireking We found the Light 10'000 AC Last Man Alive Can’t see the light Black Ocean Tomorrows World Long Time Ago Noserider The start of the Triple Rock Tour was a complete success. Every band convinced the audience with their sound. Despite different styles the audience joined in and enjoyed the performances. This is not a matter of course in these days. Thanks to Jerry and Patrick Schibler for mixing. Live report and photos by Dominic Latscha