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Traitor (GER), KLAW (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Through good friends you discover music of interesting bands, which might be unknown. That happened to me when I discovered the German thrash metal band Traitor. They issued their album „Knee-deep in the Dead“ last year what impressed me with its cover. I was pleased that they performed in the neck of my woods. I couldn’t miss this concert. KLAW performed as first band of the evening. The Swiss All Star band with five experienced professional musicians is willing to show a new dimension how thrash metal could be. They opened with „Eta Carinae“. Singer Lucie presented her as a tornado on stage and was steady moving. Her vocals reminded me a little bit of Overkill singer Bobby Bobby „Blitz“ Ellsworth with death metal influence. What I liked was the humor, which they brought into the show. This was also confirmed when she when she performed funny dance moves on stage
with guitarrist Sime. Bassist Dani looked good on the bass and occasional singing. Guitarrist Chasper convinced with guitar solos. The audience liked it and had fun. The set was shortened that night due to illness of a band member. After 45 minutes the last song „No Regrets“ followed. KLAW came, performed and left a good impression. Setlist KLAW Eta Carinae Panic Exoskeleton Age Of Fools Hurt People Hellcome Lightcrusher No Regrets After a short break Traitor was on stage. The Thrash Metal band from Balingen played in Münchenstein for the first time. After an original, funny intro sounded „Knee-deep in the Dead“. The members Lorenz Kandolf, Gerd Hery and Matthias Koch on guitar and bass convinced with second chant and background vocals. Behind the drums kicked singer/drummer Andreas Mozer into the pedals and proved his multitasking skills. It looks simple but it’s difficult and you’ve to concentrate a lot. The spectators were thrilled and some carnival visitors in knights costumes started several mosh pits. The guys have fabulous rhythms and offer a lot of action so there is no time to breath. A visitor in knight customs received the nickname „Sir Bangalot“ from Laurenz Kandolf for his commitment. Just wonderful. Gerd, Lorenz and Matthias alternated guitar duels and revived the spirit of the heyday of 80’s thrash metal. Watching them was a lot of fun. The performance was so well received that with "Traitor", "F.U.A.D" and the Ramones cover "Blitzkrieg Bop" three encores followed. After that their performance was over. The band members said goodbye to the enthusiastic spectators and received much applause for their strong performance. It was an audio-visual treat from beginning to end. Setlist Traitor Intro Knee-Deep In The Dead Thrash Command Ebola Death Division Demonic Possession Teutonic Storm Reactor IV Crucifixion Venomizer Traitor F.U.A.D Blitzkrieg Bop Later the merchandise booth of Traitor was visited and the fans could stock up with articles. Unfortunately the thrash metal night came to an end. It was a good time with much music and action. Many thanks to sound engineer Jerry Thomas Ferrat for the great sound. Livereport and Photos by Dominic Latscha Photo of Drummer/singer Andreas Mozer by Natalie Grund
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 02.03.2019