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The Möles - Out Of Control
Label: - Release: 2017 Style: Hard Rock Tracklist 1. Can’t Ever Get Enough, 2. I Want You, 3. Out Of Control, 4. Perfect Smile, 5. Going To The Mill, 6. Dublin Time, 7. Road To Rock, 8. Down On Your Knees, 9. Late Night Out, 10. Rock’N’ Roll Is All We Need, 11. No Way Out
The Möles is a Swiss hard rock band from the city of Laufen, canton of Basel-Country. The group was founded in 2008. In 2014 the trio released their debut "Premium Spirit" and their second album "Out Of Control" was released in 2017. This album was recorded by the band and Bad-Rigg at DRNR Studios in Laufen. The mixing and mastering was done by none other than the well-known local music producer V.O. Pulver (Pro-Pain, Destruction, Gurd, Poltergeist) at Little Creek Studios in Gelterkinden, Canton of Basel-Country, Switzerland. Florian Cueni handled the album artwork and photography. The songs on "Out Of Control" turn out loud, relentless, and hard-drinking. Listening to the songs you get the feeling as if AC/DC, Motörhead, Status Quo and Airbourne had celebrated an orgy and as a result this happened. Singer Marc Schmidlin sets the pace with his guitar and vocals while bassist Andreas Metzger convinces with background vocals and together with drummer Daniel Probst control the rhythm. Here the gas pedal is constantly pressed and the listener is planted a proper load of party rock sound in the brain and the party mood increases with each song. With this music The Möles should appeal to the target audience from AC/DC to Motörhead to Airbourne. According to the principle "Rock'n'Roll is all we need" the three young musicians deliver a great result, which shines with a lot of heart and passion. It‘s worth listening to "Out Of Control" in any case. I don't want to give you any tips, because every song convinces with charm and authenticity. I‘m curious where the journey of this band will go. Live they‘re awesome, which I was allowed to experience and enjoy. 10.5/12 Review by Dominic Latscha