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Label: DirtyRecords Release: 2021 Style: Pop Punk Tracklist 1. Immer no meh, 2. S’Lied vom Edi Frei, 3. Akku leer, 4. Chinese Summer, 5. Rainbow
Stürmechopf is a Swiss pop punk band from Laufental, cantón of Basle-Country. It consists of singer & bassist Roman Müller (The Dirtons), guitarist and background singer Christian Isler (Tubekillers, The Dirtons) and drummer Helmut Eschgfeller. The bandname is derivated from a distinctive hill in the homeland of the musicians. The band was founded by Christian Isler, who has decades of band experience and has been playing with the idea of starting a punk band again someday. He kept composing punk songs, which were never finished because of ongoing band projects. One day singer Roman Müller from the Swiss crossover group „The Dirtons“ heard about it and sat down with Christian. A first song got twisted through the mincer through Roman and recomposed. The result blew both of them away. For this reason they decided to record it. Christian took other unfinished songs out of his drawers and left Roman work with them. Out of this matured the idea to found the band Stürmechopf. The two were able to hire Appearance of Nothing drummer Ronnie Wolf for the recordings. A drummer had to be found, because Ronnie was involved in his bands „Appearance of Nothing“ and „Felskinn“. This was found in Helmut Eschgfeller, who was in the band "Matto" and completed the trio in 2019. The EP „2020“ with five tracks was released by DirtyRecords on July 22, 2021 and is dedicated to a year, which will go down in history. A year in which mankind experienced the entire emotional stage from fear, resignation and hope. This EP is a soundtrack out of this crisis! The disc was mixed and mastered by Jeffro Rockscheide in Rockford, USA. The songs have social critical content and there was much time for reflection last year. The topics are about Consumerism, capitalism, environmental pollution, global warming to humanity's ignorance of nature. Tematiced in a ruthless and pointed way for example capitalism critics in the song „Immer no meh“ in Laufental slang so that the messages come across autentically.  There are two songs in English on „2020“ with "Chinese Summer" and "Rainbow". It's hard for me to name single highlights, because all songs kick ass from beginning to end. It’s difficult to categorize their music in grunge, metal etc. Stylistically influenced by NOFX but with a straightforwardness like the Swiss group „Knöppel“ with the cult figure Jack Stoiker from Eastern Switzerland. If you are open-minded towards pop punk, you should definitely listen to the EP. 8/12 Review by Dominic Latscha
Stürmechopf - 2020 EP