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Sons of Sounds (GER), Haïrdrÿer (SWI), Craticula (SWI)
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland - 22.10.2016
A concert hosted by IRON-T21 was held at Rockfact Music Club after a summer break. Sons of Sounds from Germany performed as headliner and Haïrdrÿer  from Central Switzerland and the heavy metal band Craticula from Baselland as support acts. The doors opened on 8 PM and you could enter after payin’ admision of 15 Swiss Francs. Craticula from Bretzwil opened as first band on 9:15 PM with the song „Wake Your World“. Singer Josh Malik and his band mates showed that traditional metal with Maiden influences ain’t yet dead in 2016. There’s life in the old dog yet.
The audience liked the guitar solos by Mike Lauper. The song „On The Streets“ was dedicated to the gang „The Warriors“ from the movie with the same name by director Walter Hill from 1979 in which was pursued by other gangs and had to fight to survive on the streets of New York City. What the heavy metal band did was amazin‘. The chemistry worked right from the start and the spectators paid attention and were rewarded for this with interestin‘ music. Josh Malik’s vocals in the style of Irish folk music gave the sound a special touch. So far I didn’t know a heavy metal band with a singer who dared to sing songs in this way. I was impressed. After „I say Goodbye“ the appearance would have ended. But the audience wanted an encore and „Chaos“ followed as last song. Then the Craticula bandmembers adopted from the spectators. They received much applause for their performance. Setlist Craticula Wake Your World Shadow Man Pyro Lady On The Streets I Say Goodbye Chaos Haïrdrÿer entered the stage as second act. The hair metal band from Hergiswil, Nidwalden played at Rockfact Music Club in canton of Baselland for the very first time in their career and had a lot of fun. The audience liked the performance right from the start and singer David Niederberger proved to be a stage-struck. He ran to the audience to kick ass, climbed on the bar and jumped around on stage. He also convinced with his voice and celebrated hair metal in pure shape. The show was so spectacular that an encore called „Mrs Whiskey“ followed, because the spectators had no desire that the Central Swiss sleaze metal band left the stage prematurely. Honestly, I was overwhelmed about tonight’s Haïrdrÿer performance. It was like a tornado from the 80’s which shaked our bodies and souls. I move my hat and look forward seein‘ the guys again. Keep on! Setlist Haïrdrÿer Shot In The Dark Just Take Me Home My Lady Stood Me Up Highway Warrior Grow Your Hair Runaway Gone By Now Howling Through The Night What’s Your Problem Dude Backstage Pass Mrs. Whiskey Headliner Sons of Sounds entered the stage late. The progressive rock/metal band from Karlsruhe about brothers Beselt stopped at Rockfact Music Club on their „World Of Circle Tour 2016“. They played at Wica Bar in Lenzburg, Canton of Aargau on previous day. A great opportunity to promote their current record „In The Circle Of The Universe“. Although fewer spectators were present, didn’t diminish the good mood. On the contrary they enjoyed the music and some headbangers were in front of the stage. Singer Roman Beselt always asked again „Are you there yet?“ but he was always welcomed with a loud „Yes“. Standstill never ruled on stage. It didn’t take a lot to create a metal show; fatula passages alternating with melodic, hard guitar tunes and diverse influences of other musical genres led to a lively sound collage, which convinced the audience this evening and left a lasting, positive impression. I liked the appearance very much and the audience adopted the Germans with loud applause. Setlist Sons Of Sounds Magic The Machinery My Star Crystal Skulls Movie Of My Life Rock’N’Roll Monster Ikana Destiny The Change Children Of The Light Sirius & Mars Are You Ready After the concert you could cover yourself with merchandisin’ stuff at the merchandise booth. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21