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Sons of Sounds (GER)
Klangvoll-Bar, Binningen,  Switzerland – 07.06.2018
Usually the weekend starts on Friday and lasts until Sunday. In my opinion, it starts already on Thursday. And what is a better start than celebrating it with a concert? Let’s step on the street, because it’s time for party and fun! Coincidentally, the German metal band Sons of Sounds performed at Klangvoll-Bar in Binningen. The last time, they showed a great performance at Rockfact Music Club and left me with a lasting impression. Let’s go and have a good time. On the spot I met good friends and was able to talk to the band members Beseelt about the upcoming appearance. The three piece entered the stage on 9:25 PM and „Before“ bumped out the speakers. Singer Roman Beselt had guitar duels with guitarist Waynbe Beselt left the stage several times to get in touch with the audience and rock with them. Guitarist Wayne Beselt convinced with stage presence and guitar solos. Drummer Hannes Beselt convinced with stage presence and proved his skills as drummer. It’s difficult to define the music, because it’s played with a own style with influences of various styles. The guys call it „Free Metal“. A good thing and a good starting position to stand out from the crowd. The audience likes it. It’s danced, sung, drunk and imagined on a Saturday evening if not Thursday. A good-humored Roman pushes the spectators again and again to create an atmosphere and to party. The message was well-received and unleashes new energies and it’s louder and wilder than ever. The legendary song „The Heat Is On“ by Glenn Frey would’ve been a fit for the climatic circumstances inside. It was hot and sweet dropped from the brow. Setlist Sons of Sounds Before Monster Soulcleaner Flame Time Is Running Ikana Heart On Fire One Sky Illumnation Change Cosmic Queen Children Of The Night Shamans Into The Sun AYR Three encores followed after the regular set and much applause for Sons of Sounds. The Beselt Brothes did everything right and performed a kick ass show with blood, sweat and tears for the spectators. Another amazing performance in canton of Baselland. It’s a mystery to me why a band like this one is not known and plays on big stages. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha