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Shezoo (SWI), FallDown (SWI), Headless Crown (SWI)
After the summer break, the winter season began for IRON-T21. Despite of a cold, rainy Saturday, a varied program of heavy rock to heavy meatl has been compiled. Let’s go and experience an unforgettable evening. You can always stay at home. You were happy when the doors opened on 8 PM and you could enter the venue. The long-awaited rain after a dry period and the cold had a though physical impact. Anyway, good music eliminates bacterias and viruses from the body. Headless Crown from Geneva entered the stage as first band on 9 PM.  
„Century of Decay“ was performed as first song. From the beginning, joy and passion felt palpable. This awoke the audience and made them involve. Singer Steff Perrone has a powerful voice and convinces with his range. Guitarist Manu Fröhlicher and Bassist Mark Machet and Lead Guitarist Ced Legger had guitar duels and changed their positions on stage from time to time. The new drummer Chris Richards performed for the first time. The Judas Priest classic „You Got Another Thing Coming“ caused a good time and created a party atmosphere. Heavy Metal with the highest quality class got celebrated live and made its way into the ears of the listeners. The spectators had a lot of fun and „Evil Rising“ was played as encore. Otherwise they couldn’t even leave the stage. The Genevans obtained much applause. They left a great impression with their first appearance in canton of Baselland. In any case, a strong band that night. Setlist Headless Crown Century of Decay Radiant In Grey Edge Of Sanity Eyes Of The Crow Listen The End The Manipulators Of Dreams You Got Another Thing Coming The World Screams Evil Rising FallDown entered the stage on 10:15 PM. The rock/metal band from the upper part of Baselland started to perform with „Path of Loneliness“ after a organ intro. The younger spectators liked the music now, because the guys (in their 20’s) attracted their attention with a varied mix of aus hard rock, rockabilly, blues with a shot of metal. They surprised with a journey into the country genre with „Cöntry as Fuck“ before the heavyness returned. A cover of „Folsom Prison Blues“ by deceased country legend Johnny Cash. Guitarist Ruis girlfriend Janine had to enter the stage before the song „Gimme“ was played. Her Birthday was last Wednesday and she received cheese as a gift. A creative and also funny gesture. She received a „Happy Birthday“ and the song „Gimme“ was dedicated to all beautiful women of the world. A Hammond orgel was used in this track. After that followed a jam to introduce every band member. „The Road“ would’ve been the last song but the encores shouts became more numerous and louder. For this reason „226“ sounded and the Hammond organ was used once again before the appearance ended. The younger spectators rewarded FallDown with much applause and were satisfied. Setlist Falldown Intro Orgel Path of Loneliness The Demon Dust & Smoke Cöntry as Fuck Folsom Prison Blues Rockabilly Kid Gimme Jam The Road How We Roll 226 Then Shezoo entered the stage as headliner on 11:30 PM. The heavy rock band with the charismatic singer Natacha appeared after an intro and „His Heart Is Metal“ followed. A good opportunity to promote their new album „Agony Of Doubt“ and introduce new songs to the spectators. Although the focus was on new songs, older songs with  „Hero“ and „Lost and Dissipated“ which the spectators liked too. Guitarist Micha and Ralf had guitar duels with each other and changed positions on stage. Natacha convinced with an amazing vocal performance and stage presence, drummer Jerry proved his skills as drummer. It became a special evening for Micha, because it was his birthday and he received „Happy Birthday“ from the audience and a T-shirt with his age. His joy of this beautiful gesture was unvisible. It was an audiovisual high pleasure watching them on stage, because the band acted like one team and you felt involved in the performance. The spectators wanted enjoy the pleasure and no end. Therefore followed a tribut to the deceased Motörhead singer Ian „Lemmy“ Kilmister with the classic „Ace of Spades“ after the regular set. The remaining energy reserves were mobilised to end the party with a persistent finish and the audience and the band succeeded.  The band members were adopted with with much applause and played heavy rock into the hearts of the fans. Setlist Shezoo His Heart Is Metal Living Dead Strangers Losing Control Realize Cradle The Dead Hero Agony Of Doubt To You Too Late Winner The Key Crimson Rain Beer & Wine Rock Me Lost And Dissipated Ace Of Spades Summary: a great evening with versatile music ended to fast. It was worth being there, because it was a pleasure watching the bands in a club with like-minded people. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 27.10.2018
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21