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 Ørefik (SWI), SuicidiuS (GER)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 14.01.2017
There always happen things you can’t plan or forsee. A member from the band F.O.R.M broke his left hand and for this reason the band couldn’t perform at Rockfact Music Club and had to cancel their show. Fortunately a new support band was found with SuiciduS from Germany and the line-up was complete again. And two until three days before the concert. Outside there was snow and it was cold as ice. The temperatures were down below zero you felt happy when the Rockfact Music Club opened its doors on 8 PM.
SuiciduS entered the stage on 9:15 PM. The young metal band from Neuenburg am Rhein played at Rockfact Music Club for the first time. „When we come to tour“ got played as first song. Although they play harder music they did a first class hard rock show. „Rock’n’Roll“ was dedicated to the deceased Motörhead singer Lemmy Kilmister. A great cover of „Ace of Spades“ from the band history followed. Singer & rhythm guitarist Richard Schütz had guitar duels with lead guitarist Michael Franz and bass player & singer Timo Siegwolf. This was well received by the audience. The spectators asked for an encore after „Hate Invasion“. This wish was fulfilled with „This World Dies“ and you saw satisfied faces in the front rows. SuicidiuS were adopted with much applause for their amazin‘ performance. Setlist SuicidiuS When we come to tour Rise Above Rock’n’Roll Turn the Volume up Ace of Spades The End of the light F.I.A. Believe This is hell Hate Invasion This world dies A short break occured and you could get yourself a drink at the bar or goin‘ to the smoking area for a cigarrete. A short time later the lights went out and Ørefik entered the stage on 10:45 PM. The rock’n’roll band from Zurich with singer Mary Dale was happy to perform at Rockfact tonite. Their style is called „Rock’n’Roll To The Bone“. „Kicked in the Teeth“ by AC/DC opened their set. It offered a sensational rock’n’roll firework. Singer Mary Dale kicked ass on stage and the spark leaped over to the audience. Guitarist Toni Feldweibel D convinced with rock’n’roll riffs and bass player Andy Blues added the groove. This tight, straightforward carpet made his way into the spectator‘s ear channels. They liked it very much and flipped out. This was reflected also in the ever-growing applause after each song. Ørefik also honored Lemmy but in contrary to their support SuicidiuS they had a bottle of Jack Daniels. Singer Mary Dale gave the bottle to some spectators and could drink and she took a swig either. A megaphone with the band sign and the speech „Support The Madness“ was used during the appearance. Excellent thing, which put the fun level in a new highs. Watchin‘ the band from Zurich live on stage was a visual, acoustical delight. The rock’n’roll madness arrived. Own songs like „Stoner Train“, „Rock’n’Roll Sinner“, „I’m your man“ and „All you can drink“  was played besides covers and they could maintain with the other songs. The spectators asked for an encore after „Burn Out“, because the performance still hadn’t satisfied their hunger. Four encores followed but even then they wanted more. For this reason „Sin City“ by AC/DC became the last song. Ørefik was adopted with roaring applause. They had earned it after the great rock’n’roll show. Setlist Ørefik Kicked in the teeth – AC/DC Stay clean – Motörhead Grinder – Judas Priest Stoner Train Backseat (of a TransAm) – Peer Günt Balls To The Wall – Accept Love me like a reptile – Motörhead Stand for something – Orange Goblin Rock’n’Roll Sinner Damage Case – Motörhead Bang Bang – ZZ Top I’m your man Burnout –The carburators All you can drink I want pay your price – Motörhead Ace of Spades – Motörhead I didn’t know I love you (till I saw you Rock’n’Roll) – Gary Glitter Sin City – ZZ Top After the appearance you could buy a live CD at the merchandise corner and talk to the musicians. You had to leave the venue at 2 AM. An impressin’ rock’n’roll spectacle came to an end and snow felt. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha