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Ørefik (SWI)
Klangvoll-Bar, Binningen,  Switzerland – 12.05.2018
Since last year exists a venue called „Klangvoll-Bar“ in Binningen. Rock- and metal concerts take place there regularly. The venue also has a great ambiance and a friendly service. That’s a big plus. So far, I visited this bar a couple times had always a good time. Once more I went to the Klangvoll-Bar to enjoy a great evening when I saw an ad on Facebook for a concert of the Swiss band Ørefik. A rock’n’roll party is guaranteed when this band performs! I arrived at the event venue too early and used the time for smalltalk with friends and members of the band. The time had come on 9:30 PM and the band members entered the stage. The venue
was filled to capacity with spectators. Lead singer Mary Dale greeted the spectators and the party started with „Up To My Neck“. The attractive singer showed in an interesting way why she’s called „The daughter of Lemmy Kilmister“. Her raspy voice reminded of the deceased Motörhead singer and fitted perfectly into the sound. The spectators liked much the performance and celebrated a party. It was sung along, danced and the music was lived with heart and soul. All hells broke lose at the Accept cover „Balls To The Walls“ and the mood reached its peak. The spectators who demonstrated great commitment received a pull of Jack Daniels whiskey as reward by singer Mary Dale. A nice gesture. The show was an absolute success and led to three encores „Burnout“, „All You Can Drink“ and motörhead classic „Ace Of Spades“ performed by Ørefik. The spectators were satisfied afterwards and adopted all band members with tumultous applause. Anyone who has made such a brilliant performance deserves getting a reward in this way. Setliste Ørefik Up To My Neck No Class Grinder Stoner Train Rock’N’Roll Sinner Balls To The Wall Love Me Like A Reptile She’s Got The Jack Backseat Damage Case Stand For Something Time To Fuck I’m Your Man Burnout All You Can Drink Ace Of Spades Then you could stay at Klangvoll-Bar and talk to the band members, drink something or take selfies with them. I was happy and I never could have forgiven myself If I had missed this wonderful event that night. That was 10000% rock’n’roll from beginning to the end with blood, sweat and tears of joy. Livereport and photos from Dominic Latscha