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Label: - Release: 2021 Style: Melodic Death Metal / Modern Metal Tracklist 1. Fight For Us, 2. Speak Words of Destruction, 3. Ophelia’s Eye
Ophelia’s Eye - Fight for Us EP
The Swiss band Ophelia's Eye from Dullikon, canton of Solothurn is a melodic death metal band. They used to be called Project Penny and Red Fire Dragon. As both names were considered too generic and not fitting to the band's music, the band decided to change the name to Ophelia's Eye, based on the novel "The Sandman" by E. T. A. Hoffmann. The story is about a traumatic childhood experience of the student Nathanael, which comes to the surface through a surprising encounter with the weather glass dealer Coppola. He believes he recognizes the diabolical lawyer Coppelius, who is responsible for his father's death. As the beautiful but taciturn Ophelia captivates him, he becomes more and more lost between delusion and reality. The listeners should also lose touch with reality through the songs - at least for a while. Their first EP "Fight For Us" takes the listener on a musical journey with deep abysses and captivating riffs. On June 19, 2021, they released the first song "Fight For Us" from the eponymous EP online. It opens with a powerful guitar riff and death growls from singer Michel Egloff-Sieber. The guitar work of lead guitarist Remo Lemp and rhythm guitarist Corinne Ryter sounds great and the track has a touch of Killswitch Engage at "Rose of Sharyn" times. From start to finish, no prisoners are taken and catchiness will make fans of modern metal sit up and take notice. On July 10, 2021, the second song "Speak Words of Destruction" was released. Starts with an epic guitar riff including growls by Michel. Here the melodic guitar parts of Remo Lemp and Corinne Ryter are more in the foreground what I like pretty much, especially when from 1:25 the guitar solo begins. A really great song of melodic death metal, a dash of heavy metal that reminds me of a mix of Trivium and Arch Enemy. A touch of Trivium's "In Waves" shines through, but that's not a disadvantage, because the quality is right. On August 7, 2021, the third song got released in the form of the band's anthem "Ophelia's Eye". Starts slowly with calm guitar sounds. Then the guitars and the growls of Michel set in and the calm gives way to the hardness. Once again the guitar fraction Lemp and Ryter are allowed to shine with their riffs, while Egloff vocally kicks ass. The EP "Fight For Us" was recorded at the SOS Basement recording studio in Oberentfelden, canton of Aargau, Switzerland. If the band would add a little variety to their songs, they could create even more enthusiasm. I was able to see them live at Rockfact Music Club in Münchenstein and was impressed by the quintet's skills. If you like melodic death metal with modern metal influences, you‘ll have fun with this EP. Hopefully a record company will take notice of this young band and sign them. On record and live it convinces 100 %. 11/12 Review by Dominic Latscha