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Kilmister (SWI), Wet Dock 1 (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 04.05.2019
"It's only Rock'n'Roll but I like it" is a line from the song "It's only Rock'n'Roll" by the legendary English rock band Rolling Stones. It’s about the love for this style of music. A lot of time had passed since then, but rock'n'roll had never disappeared. Thanks to bands like Motörhead, Nashville Pussy or Backyard Babies it stayed alive and influenced many bands of the metal and rock scene. Unfortunately Motörhead was dissolved by the death of frontman Lemmy Kilmister and other members like Gilby "Fast Eddie" Clarke and Phil "The Animal" Taylor passed away before. However, the Swiss Motörhead Tribute Band Kilmister keeps the musical legacy of Motörhead alive and performed for the second time at Rockfact Music Club. Wet Dock 1 performed as local band.
Wet Dock 1 is a rock band. Their style is a violent thunderstorm of thrash, stoner and punk, which meets classic heavy metal. The band members entered the stage on 9:15 PM and the first song „Let The Vultures“ sounded. Bassist Jasmine Kilmister on bass convinced with charisma and rhythmic dance movements. Guitarist Stone Burner inspires with his guitar solos. Drummer Dire D shows his skills behind the drumkit. The muffled sound reminds me of the Californian Stoner Rock band Queens of The Stone Age. The singing of Alex C. Meier together with the bass sounds of Jasmine sometimes dominate too much in the foreground, which is why the guitar riffs of Stone Burner and the drums sound of Dire D go down a bit and are only partly audible. But the sound engineer corrected the fluctuations and always provided a good sound mix. After a short 35 minutes "Wheels of Fire" finished the appearance. This was the third concert in the career of Wet Dock 1. What remains is a good mixed impression. Setlist Wet Dock 1 Let the Vultures I Smell The Haze Metallic Jinx Greedy Greed Teenage Kicks Hell Is Calling The Evil Things I Wanna Be Your Dog Wheels On Fire After that Kilmister performed. The Swiss Motörhead tribute band had problems with the sound at the beginning. The sound engineer found a quick solution and immediately brought about a change, which had a positive effect. Rock'n'Roll unfolded its effect through a powerful, clear sound now. Singer Thin Lem reminded optically and vocally of the late Motörhead singer Lemmy Kilmister and inspired with his abilities as an entertainer. Guitarist JP Reinhardt on guitar provided fun with his dexterity and thrilled the audience with guitar solos. Furthermore he went to the audience to infect it with rock’n’roll. Steve Gasser sat behind the drums and convinced with stage presence and his drumming skills. Singer Dave and Virgin Ram member Rolly Hubert with sunglasses entered the stage as special guests. He played guitar duels with JP Reinhardt and thrilled the audience with him. His joy about today's performance was evident from the very beginning with a big smile that could not be overlooked. He deserves the term "Mr. Cool" for this first-class performance. Singer Dave convinced with his voice and stage presence. A kickass show was going on. The spark ignited fireworks and action was served. As another special guest Divine singer Trish Healson entered the stage at "Overkill". Her hard rock influenced voice matched the song and caused a lot of excitement. After this song the performance was over. The Kilmister band members said goodbye to the enthusiastic audience and received much applause for the strong performance. Setlist Kilmister Overnight Sensation Stay Clean No Class Metropolis Hellraiser Electricity Eat The Rich Road Crew Orgasmatron Back at Funny Farm I Got Mine Tragedy The Chase Just `cos you got the power Born to Raise Hell Killed by Death Iron First Bomber Ace of Spades Whorehouse Blues Overkill Conclusion: Despite some musical turbulences the Rockfact Music Club lived up to its name and rocked. It was great to visit it again and to see bands live. In these small clubs you can find the true essence of these music styles. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha