Kilmister (SWI), Snakeskin Boozeband (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
The year was drawing to an end. It was dark out there earlier and colder. IRON- T21 returned after a summer break for a final concert for the concert season 2015. To celebrate this, a kick ass band was hired with the Motörhead tribute band Kilmister. The Local rock band Snakeskin Boozeband was the support act. The doors opened on 8 PM and Snakeskin Boozeband entered the stage 75 minutes later. The Power rock band from Laufental are in the scene for six years and were formaly known as „The Restless“. The guys opened their set with „Watch Out!“. Singer Lukas Franz enthralled with guitar solos and a vocal performance.
Groovy, Dirty Rock’n’Roll got played who reminded of the Spanish `77. The performance was amazin‘ and the spectators had a lot of fun with Snakeskin Boozeband. Here was offered an authentic rock’n’roll show, in which all agreed. The band members said goodbye to an enthusiastic audience after „Two Track Road“. Setlist Snakeskin Boozeband Watch Out! Bar Romance Stop And Stay Rock’N’Roll Mad Fake Personalities J.A.M / S-Booze Little Love Song Shot Down Two Track Road A short interruption occured and you could cover yourself with fresh drinks or go outside to get some fresh air. That was necessary after the sweaty Snakeskin Boozeband performance. Kilmister entered the stage on 10:45 PM. The Motörhead tribute band from Schaffhausen about mainman / bass player Thin Lem, guitar player / singer J.P. Reinhardt and drummer / singer Steve Gasser were lookin‘ forward to transform the Rockfact Music Clubinto into a party temple what they managed. Their performance was great and the spectators loved Kilmister. When you closed your eyes, you felt like the real Lemmy Kilmister was in front of of you – the voice, the outfit, the sound – everything was a perfect match. Party mood was pervasive and the spectators entered to sing with singer Thin Lem without hesitation. The sympathic mainman knew how to involve the audience in the performance and the audience thanked with vociferous applause. Kilmister left the stage after the regular set but the spectators didn’t have enough and asked for encores. This persistence paid off and singer Thin Lem, guitar player J.P. Reinhardt and drummer Steve Gasser returned on stage to perform „Overkill“. This song was dedicated to the dead Motörhead guitar player Phil „Animal“ Taylor. After that Kilmister said goodbye to a frenetical audience and thanked IRON-T21 and the Rockfact Music Club for the hospitality. 90 Minutes flat our Rock’n’Roll offered Kilmister and delivered a sensational live performance. Setlist Kilmister Stay Clean Dr. Rock Over The Top Metropolis No Class Know How To Die Electricity Back At Funny Farm Shoot Out All Your Lights Eat The Rich Orgasmatron Tragedy The Power The Chase Born To Raise Hell Killed By Death Iron Fist Bomber Ace Of Spades Overkill Many thanks to IRON-T21, Rockfact Music Club and the Bands Kilmister and Snakeskin Boozeband for the great concert. And many thanks to Jerry Ferrat who created the perfect sound. Live report and photos by Dominic Latscha
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland – 21.11.2015
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