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Killer - Screamgunn
Label: Genco Pura Records Release: 2019 Style: Hard Rock Tracklist 1. Dr. Screamgunn, 2. Gonna Be A Star, 3. Sugardaddy Boogie, 4. Rock The Fire, 5. Guitar Hero, 6. Hold You, 7. Kings Of Rock, 8. Mr. Superman, 9. Love Handles, 10. Rock Hasn’t Enough, 11. See The Light, 12. Girls In Leather The Swiss Hard Rock legend Killer returned with „Screamgunn“. It‘s been 35 years since the release of the fourth album "Young Blood". In the 80s they had great success with albums like "Ladykiller", "Thriller" and "Stronger Than Ever". Therefore they could tour in Germany with Motörhead and Girlschool. Hard Rock Veteran Crown Kocher remained from the original line-up. New members had to be recruted after the
departure of singer Andi Lickford (Cutest Beast, Nighthunter, Lickford) and bassist Emi Bassbabe (Unchain). They were found in ex-The Voice of Germany casting participant Patrick Strobel as new singer and in Mikro Buccio (ex-First Strike) as new bassist. Equipped with this new, powerful team, they’ll continue to rock and fly the flag of Solothurn Hard Rock. The title track already sets the marching direction: 80’s Hard Rock. Singer Patrick Strobel convinced with his voice, which causes gooosebumps and sounds live the same as on CD. The guitar fraction Peter Berger and Crown Kocher provide catchy guitar tunes. „Gonna Be A Star“ was release as Radio single. „Sugardaddy Boogie“ is a really groovy song, which makes body, mind and soul move. The ballad "Hold You" is dedicated to the deceased Kaktus band member Duco Aeschbach, who died in January 2019 through heart failure. This comeback album is characterized by simple songs with AC/DC, and Krokus influences, which invites you to dance and sing along. Furthermore it proves that Killer ain’t dead. You can’t kill Killer. Produced and arranged by Many Maurer (ex-Killer, ex-Krokus 1988-2000) at Soundtraxx Studios in Emmenbrücke, Swiss Canton of Lucerne and producer Crown Kocher with a mastering by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine, USA. The record sounds good. In my opinion, the work sounds a bit too well-behaved and could have been a bit dirtier. Nevertheless I have to admit that I like the "Screamgunn" record and fans of Krokus and AC/DC can buy it without hesitation. Score: 10/12 Review by Dominic Latscha