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Killer (SWI), Fire Rose (SWI)
Presented by Koller-Events GmbH
Luxory, Grenchen,  Switzerland – 02.11.2019
After Olten, Grenchen is the second largest city in Canton Solothurn. For over 150 years, the watch industry has been based there, making this city famous. But I didn't go there to view watches, but a rock concert at Club Luxory. I didn't know this venue before and I was happy to discover something new. And the event poster appealed to me visually from the first moment. Normally, Schlager concerts take place in this club. This time rocky sounds will sound. The doors opened at 6:00 p.m. and you were allowed to enter. The hall was very big and the stage was in the middle with carpets and parquet flooring. To pass the time, you could buy drinks at the bar. There were also friends present and I talked to them about this evening.
On 8:20 PM the lights went out in the hall and an intro sounded. The band members of Fire Rose entered the stage and started with "Get It All". The group from the canton of Baselland showed a lot of joy and put a lot of heart and soul into their performance. They inspired the audience with songs like "Don't Need Somebody" and "Wheels On Fire". Singer Philipp Meier asked if the audience was still there and with "Yes" followed a quick answer. At the song "Devil On High Heels" two dancers in costumes and red roses entered the stage. The Macy Dancers entertained the predominantly male audience with dance movements and made the heart beat faster and the blood in the body pump faster. They looked good and provided visual pleasure. They also got involved in the show and sought contact with the band members to rock with them. After "Tequila" they left the stage. It became quieter with the ballad "Rain Falls Down" and the band showed another side of their set. But the sound got harder again with "We Are The Wild" and singer Philipp animated the audience to scream "Hey". In general it has to be said that he showed a great vocal performance tonight and also showed qualities as entertainer. Guitarist Simon Giese on guitar convinced with background vocals and had guitar duels with bassist Janick Schaffner. He did the same with guitarist Florian Giese. This caused action on stage and appealed to the audience. At the last song "Touchdown" some spectators in the first row sang the chorus and gave everything before the show ended. Fire Rose convinced from beginning to end and left a good impression this evening. Setlist Fire Rose Get It All Wheels On Fire Don’t Need Somebody On The Edge Devil On High Heels Fades To Grey Tequila Rain Falls Down We Are Wild Fire’N’Ice Touchdown After a short break Killer entered the stage and opened their set with "Rock the Fire". Bassist Mirko Buccio looked like Captain Jack Sparrow's dead brother and positioned himself on the left side of the stage, next to Crown Kocher in the prisoner outfit, frontman Patrick Strobel in the middle and guitarist Peter Berger on the right side. Patrick felt comfortable and showed his vocal qualities with enthusiasm. Crown Kocher and Peter Berger supplied the audience with riffs and shone with stage presence. The songs were harder live than on CD. The mood increased when the Macy Dancers returned on stage with "Dr. Screamgunn" and were allowed to visually sweeten the performance. Despite the limited space, the actors didn't get in each other's way on stage and could act without any incidents. The dancers convinced with sensual dance movements and new costumes for enthusiasm. Unfortunately they soon had to leave the stage again. With "Crazy Daisy" and "Midnight Highway Rider" followed two songs from the 80s. The sound created a party atmosphere which made the audience move. At "Sugardaddy Boogie" the Macy Dancers returned with new costumes and masks.  When the music started, they turned on the masks and light effects came out. Some spectators were astonished, because you don't see something like this every day. With the dance movements and the light effects the performance was even better than it already was. After "Girls in leather" the concert should have ended, but nothing came of it. The audience demanded encores, because the party had to go on. The shouts were heard, "Never touch a tiger" and "Come along" were played. After these songs the Macy Dancers left the stage and the last encore was played. This was followed by the AC/DC classic "Shook me all night long". All present sang the chorus loudly and at the end Killer made a selfie with the audience. Afterwards they were said goodbye with a lot of applause, which they really deserved. That was a fantastic performance. The way they presented their music and took time for the fans after the concert was very much appreciated. This is not a matter of course and is a sign of a down-to-earth attitude. This concert will remain in my head for a long time, because it was a magical night. The sound was well mixed. Unfortunately there was also one negative thing that night. The light on the right side of the stage made it almost impossible to take good pictures of band members. You’ve to solve that for the next rock event. Setlist Killer Rock the Fire Gonna be a star Guitar Hero Dr. Screamgunn Mr. Superman Love handles Crazy Daisy Midnight Highway Rider Kings of rock Rock hasn’t enough See the light Hold you Sugardaddy Boogie Girls in leather Never touch a tiger Come along Shook me all night long Many thanks to the two bands Killer and Fire Rose for their great live performances tonight. Thanks also to the Macy Dancers Maddy and Cindy who entertained us with their costumes and dance movements. Special thanks goes to Koller-Events GmbH for the organisation and realization of this event. Without you this would not have happened. I‘m looking forward to further rock events at the Luxory in Grenchen. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha