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Killer (SWI), Fire Rose (SWI), Izamanya (SWI)
The Swiss rock band Killer had success in the 80’s with records like „Ladykiller“ and „Thriller“ and toured with Motörhead and Girlschool. The success ended after „Young Blood“ and it meant the end of one of the most controversial bands in Swiss rock history. However Killer are back and Crown Kocher remained from the classic line-up but has dynamic support from established musicians, which have longtime experience with other bands. The Rockfact Music Club was chosen as place after the Z7 appearance in 2017.
Two interesting support acts performed with Fire Rose and Izamanya. Izamanya entered the stage on 9:05 PM. The band about singer Iza Loosli and Many Maurer (ex-Krokus 1988-2000 and ex-Kaktus) were happy to perform an acoustic set in front of a bigger audience. During their performance, you noticed that two gifted musicians were at work and showed their musical ability in an impressive way. Unfortunately only five songs could be performed but these ones convinced all along the line and the spectators. Setliste Izamanya Warrior of the Heart Don’t Wanna Die Before I Die I’ve Been Waiting Pissin‘ Back To Life Fire Rose entered the stage after the intro of the movie series „Back To The Future“. „Tequila“ specified the musical direction. An explosive hard rock / heavy metal mix, which unleashed its impact right from the start. Singer Philipp Meier shined with his voice and animated his bandmates to drive toward maximum. Guitarist Simon Giese had guitar duels with guitarist Florian Giese. He proved his musical ability and thereby received a lot of applause. They created a real firework and the spectators flipped out by the the appearance. Everything worked. Catchy melodies met heavy riffs and the fun factor was noticeable everyhwere and anytime, because the Rockfact Music Club transformed into a party temple. You can do nothing wrong with songs like Wheels On Fire“, „We Are Wild“. The song „Touch Down“ got performed as world premiere. A hit song which can keep up with the other tracks. The performance ended after „Heavy Metal Still Burns“. The members received standing ovations for their overwhelming appearance. That’s the way you’ve to perform when you want have success! I’m looking forward to further shows of these guys! Continue that way! It was a pleasure seeing you live. Setliste Fire Rose Tequila Wheels On Fire We Are Wild Life Don’t Need Somebody Fades To Grey Touch Down Falling Devil On High Heels Heavy Metal Still Burns The time had to come for the long awaited headliner Killer. The legend from Solothurn entered the stage and started to perform with „Get up get Down“. Crown Kocher dressed in prison uniform and armored with a flying V-guitar had guitar duels with bassist Emi Bassbabe and guitarist Peter Berger. The joy of playing passed the audience and caused a bright friendly atmosphere. Singer Andi Lickford convinced vocally and proved his entertainer skills one more time. They had the audience on their side with hits like „Midnight Highway Rider“ and „Crazy Daisy“ and received more applause after every song. Actually „Crazy Daisy“ would’ve been the last song tonight, but the spectators had a lot of fun and didn’t the show ends in any event. For this reason they loudly demanded encores. Finally they came to celebrate a party. Their persistence paid off. The members returned on stage and and played two encores with „Ladykiller“ and „Take me, break me, shake me“. They bowed out to the spectators. They received standing ovations for their excellent performance and could prove their abilities and can maintain with the young bands. Never understimate a band which was absent for a while. Setliste Killer Get up get down Come along Midnight Highway Rider A man with a gun Pure Dynamite On the rocks Blood on the black flag Break my chains Never touch a tiger Rock the fire Passport Crazy Daisy Ladykiller Take me, break me, shake me A memorable evening has ended and will last in the heads. You don’t experience such a brilliant moment everyday. Thanks to sound engineer Jerry Thomas Ferrat, who provided a great sound to the bands. Livereport and photos from Dominic Latscha
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 07.04.2018