Black Widow Tour 2015
Kofmehl, Solothurn, Switzerland – 18.02.2015
It’s been a while since In This Moment visited Switzerland. The American Groove Metal band with singer Maria Brink performed once as support act of Papa Roach at X-tra Limmathaus in Zurich City. They had their breakthrough with the fourth album „Black Widow“, which peaked position 14 of US Billboard Charts. This led to festival appearances on the Ozzfest, Rock am Ring, Rock Im Park and tours with Korn and Disturbed. Fortunately In This Moment visited Switzerland again for an exlusive show at Kofmehl in Solothurn City. Fearless Vampire Killers from England and Starset from the USA were the support acts. Doors opened on 7 PM and Starset should’ve been on stage 20 minutes later. Due to delays everythin‘ dragged on and the fans had to wait inside the Kofmehl until the bouncers granted admission into the hall.
Starset entered the stage as first band. Their outfit seemed futuristic and the guys from Columbus, Ohio tried to convince the audience with Cinematic Rock. This was only moderate, because constantly occuring technical problems scattered their performance another and left a mixed impression to the audience. If they ever visit Switzerland again then they should make sure that no technical problems won’t occur. It was nonprofessional. Setlist Starset First Light Rise and Fall Carnivore Halo Antigravity It Has Begun Let It Die My Demons The situation looked better when Fearless Vampire Killers appeared. During their show, there were no technical problems and everythin‘ worked. The musical mixing was outstandin‘ and the Death Pop of the English was able to develop the majority of young audience. The singers Kier Kemp and Laurence Beveridge looked good and the female fans gave them loud applause after each song. The English were happy to perform in Solothurn City tonite. A cover version of Elton John Classic „I’m Still Standing“ got played but the spectators didn’t recognize the song but it was performed in an original way. Even if the performance turned out briefly, Fearless Vampire Killers convinced and adopted from the enthusiastic audience. Another break occured and the stage was undergoin’ preparations for headliner In This Moment. After the stage was prepared, they didn’t enter the stage but left the audience waitin‘ long. This resulted in negative reactions like boos and hisses. You were redeemed from the wait on 10:35 PM. The lights went out and the Blood Girls entered the stage. The white curtain was pulled up, In This Moment entered the stage and the first song „Sick Like Me“ got played. The Blood Girls danced beside Maria on stage what the male fans liked very much. Singer Maria Brink was wearin’ a latex suit and showed a great vocal performance. The theatrical stage performance was very interestin’. On one hand a hint of eroticism occured on the other hand it’s a counterpoint to normal concerts and it contained light effects, costume changes and fog. The fragile and emotional side of Maria lived in the ballad „Into The Light“ from the second album „Dream“. This song is very emotional and this was especially evident by the emotions of Maria. It was a good opportunity to catch a breath. Maria wore a hat with the word „Whore“ when the last song „Whore“ got played and showed a great vocal performance again before the band left with a bow. The audience thanked them with much applause. In This Moment made a remarkable appearance. With their current stage show they different themselves from their competitors and stand out from the crowd. In addition, they incorporate theatrical elements in their performances, which devotes too little attention at the present time. It was a wonderful, visual spectacle, which had provided enthusiasm for the spectators. Another positive aspect was that many women were present. This is an encouragin‘ development and it isn’t somethin‘ taken to be granted in Switzerland. And a lot of people showed up on a Wednesday night and there was a cheerful and relaxed mood. Setlist In This Moment Sick Like Me Black Widow Adrenalize Sex Metal Barbie Burn Into The Light Fallen Heros Big Bad Wolf Whore Blood Many thanks to the Kofmehl Crew for the reliazation of this exclusive Swiss show of In This Moment. Live report and photos by Dominic Latscha
In This Moment (US); Fearless Vampire Killers (UK), Starset (US)
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