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Headless Project (SWI)
Hitchy’s, Liestal, Switzerland – 15.10.2016
Liestal is the capital city of canton Baselland in Switzerland and has a Rockbar in the old town. One characteristic is there’s only music from rock to metal for entertainment and is an ideal meeting place for music lovers of harder sounds. I had a reason to visit this location, because the metal / rock band Headless Project  from Oberdorf, Baselland gave a concert. It was a opportunity for metal fans to support local music. This time a performance with a 2-hour set divided into two parts. I was curious about it, because I didn’t know such a thing so far. You could enter on 7 PM and you didn’t have to pay admision. Headless Project entered the stage on 8:50 PM after an intro and „Escape“ was played as first song. Singer Martin Grieder presented himself to an enthusastic audience in a good mood and kicked ass vocally. His bandmates, guitar player Alexander Tschan and Gitarrist Juri Nicolai Werst had guitar duels with bass player Andi Hafner. The metal fans liked it and they earned applause. The mood increased by the party anthem „Whiskey“ and the spectators accompanied singer Martin Grieder when he instructed the chorus. It surprised him and brought a smile into his face. No wonder, because the audience was hungry tonight and enjoyed the performance. That was expressed in head banging and sing along. A short break occured after „Flood“. You could drink something at the bar or get out into the fresh air. Approximately 20 minutes later, Headless Project returned on stage and singer Martin Grieder announced new material. „Voodoo“ opened the second part of the setlist bass player Andi Hafner supported Martin Grieder with background vocals while „I Don’t Need The Light“. Martin introduced the band mascot Jeff without head at „Man Of Rock“. Jeff had been tryin‘ to bring music fans on the rock side. Unfortunately Jeff failed and the upcoming song „No Last Man Standing“ explained how he lost his head. Fortunately he found it again and „Warrior“ explained how it happened. A smart move, because you didn’t know much about band macot Jeff so far. It was a visual and acoustic pleasure to see Headless Project live. „Endless Greed“ would’ve been the last song. Because the audience had so much joy in the performance, was loudly demand an encore. Without hesitation „Deadline“ was played. The fans partied one more time and had a lot of fun. What singer Martin Grieder and his band mates showed tonight was great. Headless Project was adopted with much applause. They deserved it. Setlist Headless Project Teil 1 Escape Bad Days Seek+Kill Where Whiskey Headless Project Lies Flood Teil 2 Voodoo I Don’t Need The Light Man Of Rock No Last Man Standing Warrior Memory A Case In Point Endless Greed Deadline After the show you could stay at the Rockbar until 2 AM and talk to the band and drink somethin‘ together. Many thanks to the Hitchy’s team for this concert. Who likes to see small metal / rock bands live and is lookin’ for a good time in a small venue has to visit Hitchy’s in the old town of Liestal. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha