Headless Project (SWI), Grey Monday (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland - 27.02.2016
This was the night of heavy sounds. IRON-T21 came up with heavy artillery with the local Thrash Metal band Headless Project and the Heavy Rockers Grey Monday from Bern. Such music ain’t only sound good but directly into the auditory canal and leaves an electrifying feeling. Therefore it’s amazin’ when small concerts take place in a venue like Rockfact Music Club. The Rockfact Music Club opened its doors on 8:00 PM and you could enter. Grey Monday entered the stage 75 minutes later and opened their set with „Dealermen“. The five-piece played at Rockfact Music Club for the first time and played a mix of Hard Rock, Grunge and Metal. It was difficult to draw a comparison with famous bands, because the music varied in such a manner.
You noticed immediately they had fun and enthralled the audience within a short time and received well-deserved applaus. A cover version of the Billy Idol classic „Rebel Yell“ got played besides original compositions, which convinced and satisfied every spectator. What struck was the outstandin’ vocal performance of singer Patrick Pfister, whose raspy voice matched perfectly to the sound and convinced with stage presence. Grey Monday thanked the event organiser for the chance to perform and said goodbye to an enthusiastic audience. Setlist Grey Monday Dealermen Impression On the Rocks Wooden Monster Feed It Stress Rebel Yell Disappear Come Closer Headhunters Nontheless Russian Roulette After that followed an interruption and the stage was prepared for headliner Headless Project. It was time on 22:50 PM. The Thrash Metal band from Baselland entered the stage and started kickin‘ ass after an intro. Singer Martin Grieder and showed a great vocal performance while the guitar players Alexander Tschan & Juri Nicolai Werst provided guitar duels with bass player Andi Hafner. The audience was entertained and there was no boredom. In contrary, because the spectators freaked out by the guitar solos and had a lot of fun. No wonder, because the chemistry worked right and the entertainment level was very high. The spectators sung together with singer Martin Grieder during the party anthem „Whiskey“ and transformed the Rockfact Music Club into a party temple. Nothing can go wrong with Old School Thrash Metal like Slayer, Anthrax with a shot of Megadeth. The performance was spectacular in such a manner that the spectators didn’t want leave after „Endless Greed“ and asked for an encore. The band hymn „Headless Project“ followed and was no less excitin‘ than the other songs tonight. Then Headless Project left the stage under applause. The spectators enjoyed the great headbanger-sound. Setliste Headless Project Intro Man of Rock A Case in Point Flood Where Lies Escape I don’t need the Light Whiskey Warrior Seek & Kill Endless Greed Headless Project At this point also thanks to the event organisers IRON T-21, who support the music scene for years with a great deal of idealism in the Basel area. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha
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