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GurD - Your Drug of Choice
Label: LC Records, Non Stop Music Records Release: 2008 Style: Thrash Groove Metal Tracklist 1. Your Drug Of Choice, 2. Seven Starz, 3. Once For All, 4. Colony Collapse Disorder, 5. Beneath The Sea, 6. Madness Reigns, 7. Nothing To Lose, 8. Sceptic, 9. Refused, 10. Stuck In A Box, 11. Let Me Die In Dignity, 12. We Stand Up Today, 13. Cold Gin
The Swiss groove thrash metal band GurD released their eighth studio album "Your Drug Of Choice" in 2008 through LC Records, Non Stop Music Records and Twilight distribution. The album was produced by singer V.O. Pulver (ex-Carrion, Poltergeist) at Little Creek Studios in the canton of Basel-Country, Switzerland. He was also responsible for mixing and mastering. The cover shows a pretty blonde woman in a bikini offering a wide range of drugs for sale. It was designed by Sandro Klopfstein and Simon Kuhn from Decoy Collective. There are 12 original compositions on "Your Drug Of Choice" and the KISS cover "Cold Gin" is waiting as a bonus track. What awaits the listener on this work? A load of fat guitar riffs with a neckbreaker guarantee, which, thanks to the powerful production, will make their way into the brain of the metal fan. Thrash metal bands like Exodus, Slayer, Machine Head come to mind, which have left their traces in the sound of this quartet. Also midtempo songs convince with groove, the vocals of V.O. Pulver and background vocals of guitarist Pat Marlon & bassist Franky Winkelmann like "Madness Reigns". The songs exude aggressiveness and hardness and kick ass properly. In addition, the drumming of percussionist and drum twirler Mauro "Tschibu" Casciero provides action. For the band's 15th anniversary, they gathered a few special guests on "Your Drug Of Choice". That would be Schmier (Destruction), Freddy Rotter (Zatokrev), wife Inga Pulver (Pulver) and Thomas Baumgartner (ex-Erotic Jesus, ex-GurD, ex-Undergod). On the eleventh song "Let Me Die In Diggnity" Thomas Baumgartner follows with a solo and in the background vocals are Donat, Ulle, Norman, Pat, Franky, V.O. Pulver, Thomas Baumgartner and Freddy Rotter. The cover "Cold Gin" by KISS marks the end of "Your Drug Of Choice". My personal highlights are "Once For All", "Colony Collapse Disorder", "Beneath The Sea", "Nothing To Lose", "Sceptic" and "Refused". If you like raw, modern thrash groove metal like Prong, you should listen to GurD. You won't regret it. Furthermore, the band also provides great concerts live and leaves an enthusiastic audience. I was allowed to experience them live a few times and was satisfied after every concert. Why vocalist V.O. Pulver and his boys aren’t better known has remained a mystery to me to this day. 8,5/12 Review by Dominic Latscha