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GurD - D-Fect
Label: Century Media Records / Magic Arts Publishing / Reuter Musikverlag Release: 1997 Style: Thrash / Groove Metal Tracklist 1. What Do You live For, 2. No Sleep, 3. We’ve Been Told, 4. Fever of Pain 5. Bullshit, 6. Human Existence, 7. Go-Go-Go, 8. Look Away, 9. This Place 10. Read my Lips, 11. Think, 12. Haven Sent, 13. Lose Myself
1997 was a year of significant events. Princess Diana died fleeing from paparazzi in Paris and the world was mourning. At the funeral Elton John sang the song "Candle in the Wind". In the same year, Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered outside his villa "Casa Casuarina" in Miami Beach, Florida. Mother Teresa also passed away. There was also positive news such as Tiger Woods became the youngest winner of the golf tournament in Augusta and the legendary British metal band Black Sabbath reunited with the old line-up. The Pathfinder probe landed on Mars. However, there was another event in this year and that was the release of the third album "D-Fect" of the Swiss groove / thrash metal band GurD with singer V.O. Pulver. It was released through the German record company Century Media Records. The recordings took place at Woodhouse Studio in Hagen, Germany. The production was handled by Waldemar Sorychta and V.O. Pulver. In addition, Waldemar Sorychta took care of the engineering. The band toured with groups like Such a Surge, Life of Agony, Stuck Mojo, Pro-Pain including a performance at the Dynamo Festival in the Netherlands. With 13 first class songs "D-Fect" is waiting for you. It starts with "What Do You Live For", which is catchy and comes up with a message to the listeners. Alone the chorus "What Do You Live For" powerfully by V.O. Pulver breathed into the microphone, provides goose bumps. Everyone should have a reason to live. Vocal support gets V.O. Pulver (ex-Carrion, Poltergeist) by bassist Marek Felis (ex-Poltergeist), who also excels for groovy bass lines. For the fat guitar riffs guitarist Philippe reaches into the sides and also contributes background vocals. Behind the drums sits Tobias Roth, a man who contributes a cool rhythm. Although the music invites you to jump and have fun, there are some socially critical lyrics on "D-Fect", which you should pay attention to, because the group has something to say. In my opinion, this album is one of the best thrash / groove metal products in the Swiss music landscape and captures the spirit of the 90s when music channels like VIVA or MTV played a lot of music videos and were far from what is nowadays understood as "reality television". I became aware of this band by accident. I was sitting in front of the TV on a Friday evening as a teenager and suddenly videos of GurD were playing on the Swiss TV channel Star TV. This modern, raw-sounding sound met with my enthusiasm immediately and since then I‘m a fan. 11/12 Review by Dominic Latscha