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Redrocks, Basel,  Switzerland – 24.08.2018
The venue Redrocks in city of Basel has reopened one year ago. In contrast to the past it got a new look, which is really good and a breath of Hard Rock Café is in the air. Meanwhile concerts  take place regularly and there’s nothing better than chances to perform for bands from the hard & heavy scene. The newcomer band F.U.S.E invited for its very first concert and chose Redrocks as suitable place. A good choice which caught my attention  
and for this reason I visited the venue. Unfortunately it was cold that day but it was pleasantly warm inside and good music was provided. It increased my joy and curiosity for the upcoming event. The band members entered the stage on 10:15 PM. The club was crowded with a lot of spectators. „Generation Why“ opened the appearance. Singer Rob and his band mates served a mixture of Faith No More, Alice in Chains and Red Hot Chili Peppers to the audience. It’s difficult to define the music, because different influences create an interesting sound scape, which is always accessible and puts a spell on listeners. The mood was recognisable everytime, the music convinced and caused enthusiasm. The guitarists Stefan and Dominik enthralled with guitar solos and bassist Danny added the groove. Jerry behind the drums showed his skills and shined with his sticks. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of free space on stage but the band made the best of it. After „Crossfire“ the concert would be over. Nevertheless the spectators asked for an encore. „Machine Mule“ got played once again for the reason that no other song was present. Then it was over and the band obainted much applause. The band members said farewell to the audience and mingled later. A successful live premiere. Setlist F.U.S.E Generation Why Machine Mule System Redemption Shoot the moon Release Stay with me Crossfire I visited this event without expectations and was astonished about the bands live performance. That’s not for granted if you enter the stage with a formation and perform in front of an audience for the first time. I hope for more such appearances and look forward seeing you again. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha