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FreaKings - Rise of Violence
Label: - Release: 2019 Style: Thrash Metal Tracklist 1. False Prophets, 2. Rise Of Violence, 3. Enemy Attack, 4. Timebomb, 5. Dictator Of Hate, 6. Wash Me With Blood, 7. Brainwash, 8. Nuclear Attack, 9. Psychedelic Warfare, 10. Time To Thrash, 11. King Reigns The Swiss Thrash Metal band FreaKings from Bubendorf, canton of Basel-Country released their fourth album "Rise of Violence" in 2019. The trio about singer Jonathan Brutschin made
it into the German Rock Hard magazine as "Tip des Monats" for the second time and were allowed to give an interview (they did it the first time with their second album "Gladiator"). The album was produced by the band and recorded in their own rehersal room. Christoph Brandes mixed and mastered the work in the Iguana Studios in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. Rise of Violence" was baptized at the third edition of the "Freakout Festival" at Kulturhotel Guggenheim in Liestal, capital city of Swiss Canton of Basel-Country. The album starts with "False Prophets". A song which is directed against self-proclaimed fanatics who hide behind religion and abuse it for their own purposes. Besides christian themes in "Wash Me With Blood" and "King Reigns", themes such as war and environmental destruction are treated in "Rise of Violence" and "Timebomb". On "Brainwash" Radwaste member Daniel Jerosch contributes a guitar solo and Poltergeist member Chasper Wanner on "Nuclear Attack". The production of Christoph Brandes is first class and therefore the riffs next to the voice come into their own and let the head circle to the music. There‘s no time to take a break, because here the accelerator pedal is pressed constantly from beginning to end. The adrenaline rushing out of the throttle doesn't make you tired and you can give yourself over to the listening pleasure with all your power. In my opinion it's great that this group incorporates Christian values into their songs and although some people will surely scream and turn up their noses at the term "Christian metal band", it‘s a band that deserves to be heard. For me this album is a thrash metal highlight this year and I’m looking forward hearing these songs live as soon as this Corona Virus pandemic is over. In the meantime we’ve to create and experience concerts spiritually. It's very difficult to name favourite songs, because every song is convincing in its own way and is characterized by variety, but always contains a shot of groove. This is the kind of Thrash Metal I like to listen to. 12/12 Review by Dominic Latscha