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FallDown (SWI), Proving (SWI)
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 05.11.2016
The venue Rockfact Music Club is always good for a surprise. Suddenly an advertisement for a concert with local bands appears in social media and you notice it accidentally. That happened to me when I noticed a leaflet for a concert with the bands FallDown and Proving on Facebook. The design convinced me and I visited the event to see the bands. The rain was coming down in sheets when I arrived in front of the venue and waited for the doors to open with other metalfans. Fortunately you didn’t have to wait too long, because the doors opened on 8 PM and you could enter.
Proving entered the stage on 9 PM. The five-piece from Riehen, Canton of Basel-Stadt exists since 2015 and plays metal with different influences from other musical styles. „A Broken Society“ got played as first song after an intro. The different influences were notable with various songs from the setlist. There was a jazz passage, then followed a breakdown and the audience flipped out. Singer Mike Vega always moved and he managed the space even when the stage didn’t offer much. He jumped up and was hanging on the beamed ceilings and while the guitarists Sven Müller and Romano Mancini covered the audience with guitar tunes. Mike ordered the spectators to knee down at „Punk Song“ and jump up together at „GO“. They followed him without hesitating and jumped up on his order. Moshing and dancing occured and suddenly a glass bottle broke apart. It meant nothing else than the spectators have fun and are passionate. That’s the way a concert has to be. Much action and movement. Singer Mike Vega went to the audience to mosh and animated them letting themselves go during the performance. Violent Dancing was practiced when breakdowns appeared. It was a heated situation during the last song „Final Fight“ and you had to watch carefully not getting kicks from violent dancers. It was a great first live performance. They did a great job and I’m looking forward to other shows.  Setliste Proving A Broken Society Dark Waters You’ll Never Walk Alone This Time Displaced Things Deathinitive Punk Song Final Fight A short break occured and the stage got prepared for headliner FallDown. The metal band from Rünenberg, Canton of Baselland entered the stage after the intro „Poor Man’s Blues“. What the guys about singer Joel Purificacion showed was simply sensational. Rock’n’Roll vocals like Elvis Presley met the heavy guitar tunes of Metallica. Cover versions of Mötley Crüe classic „Kickstart My Heart“ and Elvis Presley classic „Jailhouse Rock“ got played besides own songs. Singer & guitarrist Joel Purificacion had guitar duels with guitarist Rui Sergio and convinced with guitar solos, which made every true metalhead getting goose pimples. The energy of their live performance reminded me of Danish Volbeat, who play a mix of rock’n’roll and metal too. No miracle, because you can only win if you perform with such musical enthusiasm. A great show without further delay and FallDown were celebrated by the spectators and obtained a hurricane of applause. Setliste FallDown Intro/Poor Man’s Blues Vampires In The Night Unstoppable Freedom Rockabilly Kid Jailhouse Rock Kickstart My Heart 226 Dust & Smoke Path Of Loneliness How We Roll Thanks to sound mixer Jerry Thomas Ferrat for the perfect sound. Livereport and Photos by Dominic Latscha