Dreamshade (SWI), Areion (SWI), Six Days Of May (ITA), Defender (SWI)
Presented by Sommercasino & Kulturkick Basel
Sommercasino, Basel, Switzerland – 04.04.2015
After a long abstinence the Sommercasino in Basel hosted another concert for the fans of harder sounds. With support of Kulturkick Basel, the Swiss Melodic Death Metal band Dreamshade, the Italian Modern Metal band Six Days Of May and the Swiss Post Hardcore Band Defender performed. Areion performed as local band. The weather on this day was bad. The sky was overcast with gray clouds and it was rainin‘ all the time. Fortunately the Sommercasino opened its doors on 7:30 PM, because outside it was just uncomfortable. Defender played as first band on 8:30 PM. The young Post Hardcore band from Canton of Aargau started to perform after the „Intro“. They convinced from the start and enthralled the audience. Singer Kevin Zeier asked the spectators to move instead of standin‘ around. It worked and the spectators moved while singer Kevin Zeier was runnin‘ from one side of the stage to another gettin‘ in touch with the spectators. Meanwhile the guitarists Kevin Wietlisbach and Mauro Gugerli and bass player Mathew Inkognitro changed their positions on stage too to make sure that every single spectator could see them. The music of Defender is energetic and melodic. The one with the tunes has been especially clear when the song „Lost“ got played, in which guitarist Kevin Wietlisbach did a great guitar solo and thus received much applause from the audience. Their first EP „We Don’t Remember Days We Remember Moments“ was released on March 1, 2015, which you can download for free or buy on shows. The Aargovians left the stage after „Dignity“. They had convinced with their performance and leave a good impression. And Kevin Zeier’s statement „There’s plenty out for everyone! It doesn’t need a competition we are all equal!“ is a proof there are still people that music is more important than business thinkin‘ and earnin‘ money. Setlist Defender Intro Observed Forward Pages Reminder Intermission Take A Look At The Oceans Lost Dignity A short break occured and the stage was undergoin‘ preparations for the Italian Modern Metal band Six Days of May. A short time later, the Italians took the stage and „Mechanical“ got played. The Milans played for the second time in Basel City tonight and were very pleased to play here again. They managed to combine aggressive Modern Metal with clean vocals without driftin‘ into stereotypes and enthralled the spectators. Areion singer Marcello Rossi entered the stage for the last song „Genie In A Bottle“ and performed the Christina Aguilera Hit with singer Giacomo Cherubini. The spectators liked the Cover Version, because they performed the song in a original way and didn’t rip it off. Afterwards the Milans adopted by the enthusiastic audience. Too bad they couldn’t play any longer. They did a great performance. Setlist Six Days Of May Mechanical Stubborn All You Can Hate Ocean Ania Spring Break Genie In A Bottle Another break occured and the stage was undergoin’ preparations for Areion. The Basler entered the stage after the intro from the legendary American Horror movies „Helloween“ bumped out the speakers. The local Metalcore/Deathcore band took the advantage and played it out confidently. The spectators totally freaked out after the first song „Helloween“ and resulted in violent dancing and headbangin‘. The audience consisted of Core-Fans and Metalheads. Singer Marcello Rossi thanked the spectators for showin’ up and convinced with a great vocal performance. The guitar tunes by guitarists Benji Büchel & Claudio Fabbri and bass player Sascha Barth were responsible why the Sommercasino was like a madhouse. Spectators moshed in the back rows. Some overdone it a little and thus there was a scrum forward. Singer Marcello Rossi’s statement „I’m a tourist“ made the audience laugh. Jokes are always good to lift the mood. Nothing went wrong with the popular songs „Awakening“ and „Sick of Society“ and „Alive“ finished the set. Areion had done everything right tonight and showed that they’re among the best Core-Bands from the Basel area. Couldn’t be better! Setlist Areion Intro Our Horrors, Our Mistakes Paradise Lost Awakening Blindness Of The Human Race My King Silent Hills Sick of Society Alive Headliner Dreamshade entered the stage after another break. The Melodic Metal band from Canton of Tessin play very often abroad and less concerts at home. Their music ran like a clockwork, because the Metalcore elements completed the sound and gave it the Groove. Although it was late, the audience was wide awake and wanted to party. Dreamshade are definitely among the best Swiss Melodic Death Metal bands and can compete with In Flames, Soilwork and others, because their music is hard and catchy, but melodic and groovy at the same time. Dreamshade wanted leave the stage after „Late Confession“ but the spectators didn’t accept it. They wanted hear more and remained persistent. This persistence paid off and Dreamshade returned on stage and played the encores „Your Voice“ and „Wide Awake“. The audience thanked them with much applause and the Tessiner left the stage with a smile. Setlist Dreamshade Sandcastles Miles Away Photographs Wants & Needs Consumed Future Dreamers Degeneration Late Confession Your Voice Wide Awake Many thanks to Kulturkick Basel and the venue Sommercasino for this evening. Livereport and photographs by Dominic Latscha
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