Devotion (ITA), Giant Sleep (GER), Tyrannosaurus Globi (SWI)
This event got my attention when I saw an advertisement with the Star Wars villain Darth Vader where he points on this event with the speech „may the force be with you“. And a line-up with various facets is a great contrast against ragin’ boredom. I’m on my way to the Rockfact Music Club.
The beginnin’ of the event was delayed, because I Cut Out Your Name canceled their show in advance, because of illness. That’s why Tyrannosaurus Globi started to perform on 9:15 PM. The Heavy Rock band from Basel played for the first time at Rockfact Music Club in Münchenstein and convinced with drivin‘ Rock’N’Roll and influences of Mastodon, Baroness, Torche, Melvins and Kvelertak. The spectators enjoyed the music, because its catchy and authentic. The Basler were amazin’. It will be interestin’ how their future develops.
A short interruption occured and the stage was undergoin‘ preparations. After that the Giant Sleep from Germany entered the stage. The band members had been playin‘ earlier in Fear My Thoughts and Destruction. Their music was a mix of Stoner Rock, Classic Rock and Progressive Rock. With this mixture the Rheinfelden citizens invited to a psychedelic journey beyond Rock and created an original sound that captivated the spectators. There was no response on Thomas Rosenmerkel’s question „Where are your friends? “. Unfortunately they couldn’t play encores to the strict timelines. That was the only negative criticism. Otherwise they left a great impression and gained new fans. You can’t describe Giant Sleep, you’ve to watch them live.
Setlist Giant Sleep Stella Angry Man Halucifer Rising Henu Denver Love Your Damnation Sankt Anna Forever Underground Later Devotion entered the stage on 11:40 PM. The Italians were playin‘ for the very first time in Switzerland and were very happy about it. Their music reminded of Deftones and although it was late, the audience freaked out to the music and celebrated the guys. No wonder, because the Italians lived the whole thing with much passion. Singer Pucho reminded of Chino Moreno and spherical moments alternated with rockin‘ sounds. Should the Deftones once retire, the Italians can take their place. The musicians played 60 minutes. Then Devotion said goodbye to the audience and returned to Italy. Setlist Devotion Intro Double Dragon Delay Nova Paper Boy The Sound Of Voice Red Carpet Envy Timeless Beauty Wolf Theory Ghost Live report and photos by Dominic Latscha
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & Tersicore Booking
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland – 17.04.2015
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