Desinfektor (SWI), Headless Project (SWI), The Dirtons (SWI)
JFZH, Allschwil, Switzerland – 24.10.2015
The Thrash Metal band Desinfektor from Basel baptized their debut „When The Beast Barges In…“ at youth recreation centre in Allschwil. Headless Project and The Dirtons performed as support acts. You should show up at such an event and support the local scene, because there aren’t a lot of of concerts with local Rock- and Metal bands in the Basel area. Good music mustn’t be always international. Such an event is a welcome opportunity to support the local scene for me. Doors opened on 8 PM and shortly thereafter, The Dirtons were on stage as first band of the evening. The Punk Rock band from Münchenstein opened their set with „Mexico“. The audience got more into it after „Seaquest“. The hit „Seppe Joe“ got played after the keyboard interlude „Cold Fusion“, created a party vibe and was well- received by the audience.
Singer Roman Müller made the spectators to sing with him with the following Beasty Boys cover „(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)“. The spectators had a lot of fun and showed it with much applause. The Dirtons left the stage after „White Russian“ and said goodbye to the enthusiastic audience. The guys understood it spreadin‘ simply good mood it was always a pleasure seein‘ them live. Setlist The Dirtons Mexico What’s up Seaquest Say No Never Cold Fusion Seppe Joe New Pop Song Fight For Your Right (To Party) Say It Downfall Or Future White Russian A short break followed and the stage was undergoing preparations for Headless Project. The first song „A Case In Point“ got played after an intro. The musical mix of Rock- and Metal was well-received by the audience. Some die-hard Headless Project fans knew all songs and sang along. Thereby they made singer Martin Grieder look astonished. Guitar player Alexander Tschan convinced with guitar solos and had guitar duells with bass player Andi Hafner. You noticed that the guys were happy about tonite. The guys left the stage after „Endless Greed“ and were adopted by applause. Keep it up! I enjoyed your live performance. I hope I see these guys again soon, because it’s a shame they don’t play more shows. Setlist Headless Project Intro A Case In Point Flood Man Of Rock I Don’t Need The Light Jam -----Whiskey Seek + Kill Warrior Endless Greed After that Desinfektor entered the stage. The Thrash Metal band from Basel was founded in 2013 was happy to perform songs from the debut „When The Beast Barges In…“ tonight. The Basler kicked ass after the intro „Hektor Rising“ and showed the spectators how good Old School Thrash Metal with a shot of Hardcore has to sound. Singer David convinced with a great vocal performance. Furthermore he pushed the audience to party and devote to the music. Guitar player Shane convinced with guitar solos and guaranteed great fun. It wasn’t long before they had the audience on their side. The guys presented themselves as a good team and spread joy. Desinfektor left the stage after the last song „Kurz Lied“. The band members received much applause for their great performance. Setlist Desinfektor Hektor Rising (Intro) Hate My Job Terror Devil Virtual Sin Duty Calls Locked-In Apocalypse Now Sound of Fear Unholy Dreamer Life Is War Reborn Agony Kurz Lied Hektors Dawn (Outro) I’ve to admit that I hadn’t known Desinfektor before their appearance and I’m always a little bit sceptical about Thrash Metal bands. However they were able to resolve my scepticism and I’m curious what the future holds for them. They scored with sympathy and are a kick ass live band. In the end was a great concert, in which you’d liked more spectators. Live report and photos by Dominic Latscha
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