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Desinfektor (SWI), Blow Job (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 02.12.2017
The first song „Blood Reign“ followed after an intro. Singer Roman Emmenegger kicked ass on stage. Guitarist Fabiano Tundo and Marcel Münger covered the audience with razor-sharp guitar riffs. The music reminded of American thrash metal legend Slayer. It’s getting loud, a party is going on and there’s no space to breath. There’s no need, because Blow Job flat everything. The audience liked the performance of the guys from Uri. After „Reign of Profit“ Blow Job said goodbye to enthrilled spectators and left the stage. 60 minutes were enough to leave a positive, persisting impression. Setlist Blow Job Blood Source Under Your Skin Pass Certificated Crystal Meth Dreamcatcher Panic Room Trail Of Blood Mouth of Heaven King Death Under Control Core Empire Reign of Profit Headliner Desinfektor entered the stage on 10.40 PM. „Terror Devil“ sounded after an intro and the barrels of toxic chemicals started to shine and smoke flew out. It created a special atmosphere and the sound fit to the guys from Basel. Singer Jonas convinced with a great vocal performance and stage presence. The sound was powerful and the guitarists played rough through the songs. Do you play rough yet or do you already play? After „Life is War“ told singer Jonas homorosly: „We’re going to take a shower, bye“ and the members wanted to leave. But the spectators didn’t feel like having a premature end. They became loud and requested Desinfektor to play on. They agreed and played the three encores „Fuck it“, „Reborn“ and „Anger“. Unfortunately singer Jonas announced the future of Deskinfektor is uncertain. This statement left a bad aftertaste. It was a mixed appearance of the guys from Basel. They would have to show a live performance like in Allschwil two years ago, then their appearance would have been great. It’s a pity they couldn’t unleash their full potential. Setlist Desinfektor Intro Terror Devil Sound of Fear Hate My Jobs Duty Calls Agony Apocalypse Now Locked-In Unholy Dreamer Life Is War Fuck it Reborn Anger An evening with good thrash metal came to an end. I didn’t regret that I saw both bands live. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha
It’s december and winter arrived in Switzerland. Cold winds, deep temperatures and sun goes down earlier. A good oportunity to warm up in a venue. The Rockfact Music Club was a good place for hard sound, because a thrash metal night was hosted. Blow Job opened as first band of the evening. The thrash metal/death metal band from is active in the Swiss Metal scene for 17 years and performed for the first time in Swiss canton of Baselland.