Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland - 16.04.2016
„Gothic“ refers to dark music with a hint of sensuality, which enchan the listener into another world. Eroticism is an essential component in this genre, which is reflected in the clothing style of the front women. Therefore, a Goth night in the character of the beautiful night shade plant took place. And who gets excited about dark, sensual music with depth, was the right event, because Gothic concerts are rarely held in the canton of Baselland. The doors opened on 8 PM and after the entry got paid, you went downstairs into the concert room.
Elyria entered the stage as first band on 9:15 PM. The German female fronted metal band from Singen started to perform after the intro „The Vigil“. There were influences of Within Temptation and Nightwish and progressive rock elements into their music. This mix made for a stand-alone sound and enthralled the audience from the beginning. Singer Patricia Cooney convinced with her stage presence and by a great vocal performance. Guitarist Oliver Weislogel excelled by his delicate guitar and coaxed a smile one or the other spectator. The audience had a great time at the performance and showed this with much applause. A cover of Korn’s „Thoughtless“ followed as last song after „Distance“. The cover convinced with a symphonic metal touch and sounded different than the original by the nu metal pioneers from Bakersfield, California. Here singer Patricia Cooney showed her vocal versatility in which she moved from high notes to growlin’ to clear vocals again. This surprised the spectators and therefore the subsequent applause was even stronger. Then Elyria adopted from the audience and left the stage. With the performance it has gained itself more fans today, because after their appearance, their merchandise corner was visited by many spectators. Setlist Elyria Intro The Vigil Colours of Silence Salome Only Words Blind Mindshift Faceless Dreamwalker Distance Thoughtless DEEP WELL was the next band in row. The Gothic rock band played this evening for the first time at Rockfact Music Club. The show started with „Maybe“ after the intro „Entering Mindfield“ and singer Sylvia Heckendorn appeared on stage wearin‘ a black veil and Gothic dress. It wasn’t long until the audience succumbed the charm of DEEP WELL. You can’t escape of their music by mystical-melancholic, epic rock, where the cello and violins flicker, clarinets cry, raging guitars and acoustic comfort. A cover of „Skyfall“ by Adele followed and it was a song without letter „M“. At „Merrytale“ singer Sylvia Heckendorn left the stage in order to get in touch with the audience. A very good idea to show her appreciation by spectators and involve them in the presentation. That she managed without problems, because her stage presence was enough to enrapture the audience to a storm of cheers. Sex appeal took the appearance when she tore the dress from her body and stood on the stage in tantalizing clothing. The last song „Mother“ followed after the Tarja Turunen cover „I walk alone“. The band members adopted with a bow by an enthusiastic audience and they received loud applause for their sensational performance. Setlist DEEP WELL Entering Mindfield Maybe Moment Magnificence Miraculous Skyfall Metarmophose Merrytale Memento Mors My Pain I walk alone Mother Thus ended the Goth night and DEEP WELL gave out many autographs after the concert and sold a lot of CD’s. You should keep this band in mind. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
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