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Deep Sun (SWI), Askara (SWI)
At the beginning of the new concert season a symphonic & gothic metal night took place. An interesting opportunity because the two Swiss bands Deep Sun and Askara of this style appeared at the Rockfact Music Club. It was also the only metal concert in the Basel area. Askara played as first band of the evening. The progressive gothic metal band from Basel opened with „Friend of Job“ after an intro. Frontwoman Myriam Schmidt looked like a gothic angel in her white dress and convinced with her voice and charismatic stage presence.
Her clear voice fit into the dark sounds which were completed by growls from singer Elia Schmidt. It caused an interesting mix. Unfortunately Myriam only could move reduced behind the piano caused by the small space on stage. What happened during the performance was astonishing – the music became slower and suddenly breakdowns occured. Something like that you expect rather in the metalcore-section than in a gothic band. The spectators were astonished either. However they liked the sonic cocktail and showed much applause. The performance was received so well that the encore „Lost“ got played. After that Askara said goodbye to the spectators. They did everything right from the start and left a good impression. Setlist Askara Intro Friend of Job Vigor of Dreams Lights of Night My Name By God Identity Shatter the Glass Wall Beyond The Horizon of Hope Lost Headliner Deep Sun entered the stage after a short break. „Heroes“ was played after an intro. The Argovians with singer Deborah Lavagnolo kicked ass and enthrilled the audience. No wonder, because the singer performed an outstanding vocal performance and succeed with her classic vocal education (Greetings from Tarja Turunen). Guitarist Pascal Töngi showed his skills as guitarist and keyboarder Thomas Hiebaum provided the spheric soundscape. Bassist Angelo Salerno had guitar duels several times with Pascal Töngi to figure out who’s got the faster fingers. The Nightwish cover version „End Of All Hope“ proved to be very popular, because this catchy tune was presented in a good way. The spectators wanted an encore after „Good old Times“. The Iron Maiden cover „RunTo The Hills“ followed when the calls became louder and more numerous. A coverversion which I liked, because it was a power metal version. Otherwise bands from the hard & heavy section cover it. After 85 minutes Deep Sun said goodbye to the audience. Their live performance at Rockfact Music Club was magnificent and had a lasting impression. Setlist Deep Sun Intro Heroes Fading Away The Believer Walking Dead Man Riders of Death Circle of Witches Flight of the Phoenix Nostalgia Dreaming Leprechaun End of all Hope (Nightwish Cover) Race Against Time Vertigo Des Königs Krieger Dark Ravine The Pattern Good old Times Run to the Hills (Iron Maiden Cover) The evening went by way too fast and only memories of a great concert remained. Livereport and photos from Dominic Latscha
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein,  Switzerland – 13.01.2018